10 Mazatlán All-Inclusive Resorts for Your Perfect Getaway

Sandra Thomas
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Last time I was in Mazatlán, a coastal town in Mexico known for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, I decided to try out a few of its all-inclusive resorts.

Having been sceptical about such places, I was pleasantly surprised by my experience. Over 60% of tourists visiting Mazatlán choose all-inclusive options, and after my recent visit, I can see why.

In this article, I’ll share my candid thoughts and memories to offer a genuine perspective for those seeking an all-inclusive stay in Mazatlán.

All-Inclusive Resorts in Mazatlán for Your Perfect Getaway

From the tranquil settings by the beach to the mouth-watering local dishes, there’s so much to unpack in Mazatlán. But to make things easier, I have decided to grade these resorts on several factors: location, ambience, dining, amenities, service quality, and even what other guests are saying. Of course, I’ve thrown in my own two cents based on my personal experiences.

El Cid Marina Beach Hotel

Source: El Cid Marina Beach Hotel

Mazatlán has always had a special place in my heart, and El Cid Marina Beach Hotel’s location only elevates that fondness. The resort is situated along the city’s coastline and provides a peaceful view of the Marina. A calming aura washed over me when I entered El Cid Marina Beach. The architecture and design pay homage to both modern luxury and traditional Mexican decor.

During my stay at one of their elite rooms, I enjoyed a spacious balcony with breathtaking views of the Marina. The room itself was a blend of comfort and style.

El Cid Marina Beach Hotel does not fall short in the dining department. I started my mornings with a hearty breakfast at La Marina, where the omelettes were to die for. By evening, I often found myself at El Calypso, sipping on some of the best margaritas in town and enjoying their seafood specialities. For a more intimate setting, La Terraza was my go-to, offering a range of gourmet dishes that left me craving more.

The pools are a highlight, especially the infinity pool that seems to merge with the Marina’s waters. The spa facilities offer a range of treatments — I opted for a deep-tissue massage that left me rejuvenated. Additionally, the fitness centre, while compact, boasts modern equipment and is ideal for those wanting to keep up with their workouts.

Mexican hospitality is renowned, and the El Cid Marina Beach staff exemplify this. Everyone went above and beyond to ensure my stay was memorable, from the ever-smiling reception team to the diligent housekeeping staff.

While I had my own delightful experience, I took some time to chat with fellow guests. The consensus was overwhelming positivity. Many raved about the food, some about the views, but almost everyone mentioned the incredible staff.

One thing that caught me slightly off-guard during my stay was the dress code in some of their on-site restaurants. I had to rethink my dinner attire several times to align with their guidelines.

Emporio Mazatlán

Source: Emporio Mazatlán

The strategic location of Emporio Mazatlán made my stay more enjoyable. Perched along the iconic Golden Zone, I was minutes from some of Mazatlán’s most renowned attractions. The modern design of the resort, combined with subtle nods to traditional Mexican culture, strikes a harmonious balance.

I had the pleasure of staying in one of their ocean-view rooms, and it was nothing short of spectacular. The room was spacious, with contemporary furnishings, and had all the amenities.

Emporio Mazatlán boasts a culinary experience that’s hard to rival. Breakfasts and lunches at Condimento Restaurant became a daily ritual for me. The variety of local and international dishes ensured something for every palate. The pool bar was perfect for those evenings when I craved some appetisers.

The two pools were my sanctuary — especially the one overlooking the ocean. The hotel also has a waterpark to cater to families with kids. There’s also a well-equipped fitness centre, which, although I visited just once, was top-notch. The spa services I enjoyed after sightseeing were a perfect way to relax.

What truly sets Emporio Mazatlán apart is its staff. Their attention to detail and genuine warmth made my stay memorable. During my stay, I chatted with a few fellow travellers. One sentiment echoed throughout: satisfaction. While some praised the food, others were enamoured by the views, but everyone appreciated the genuine hospitality.

During my sun-soaked afternoons by the pool at Emporio Mazatlán, I noticed that the cocktail prices at the pool bar were a tad on the higher side than I’d anticipated.

The Palms Resort Mazatlán

Source: The Palms Resort Mazatlán

Nestled in the heart of Mazatlán’s vibrant Golden Zone, The Palms Resort offered me an alluring location. The Palms Resort exudes a tranquil beachside vibe. Gentle palm trees swayed in the coastal breeze, and the interiors, blending modern aesthetics with traditional Mexican elements, provided a genuine sense of place.

My room at The Palms was a delightful space. The comfortable bedding, soft, muted tones, and ocean views provided a rejuvenating escape.

The culinary journey at The Palms was a highlight. Oasis, the on-site restaurant, became my go-to spot. With a mix of local seafood dishes and international favourites, every meal was a delightful experience. The breakfast buffet, brimming with fresh fruits and local delicacies, was a daily treat I looked forward to.

I spent most of my time at The Palms around the huge pool area. Whether lounging with a book or taking a refreshing dip, it was relaxation personified. Though not vast, the gym had essential gear for fitness enthusiasts. The beach access was a major draw, with soft sands and warm waters inviting me daily.

Warmth and genuine service are the hallmarks of The Palms. The human touch was evident throughout, from the housekeeping team ensuring my room was spotless to the friendly waitstaff sharing their favourite dish recommendations. Several couples and families I met praised the serene beachfront location.

During my stay at The Palms Resort Mazatlán, parts of the resort were undergoing refurbishment, leading to a bit of dust around the premises.

Hotel Riu Emerald Bay

Source: Hotel Riu Emerald Bay

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Playa Brujas, my stay at Hotel Riu Emerald Bay was as close to a beachfront dream as one could get. Its grand and majestic appearance immediately took me aback as I entered the resort. The resort’s design harmoniously intertwines modern luxury with elements reminiscent of Mazatlán’s rich heritage.

My room was a lavish blend of comfort and elegance. Generously spacious with a private balcony overlooking the ocean, waking up to the breathtaking sunrise became my favourite ritual.

A culinary haven, Hotel Riu boasts a plethora of dining options. Breakfasts at Las Tres Islas were an elaborate affair, with various dishes catering to all palates. Bamboo, the Asian restaurant, was an unexpected delight, while Tabasco offered authentic Mexican dishes that had me returning for more. Not to forget the breezy Playa Bruja, where I relished light lunches at the poolside bar.

Beyond its rooms and restaurants, the hotel houses several pools, each more inviting than the last. The wellness centre became my sanctuary, offering rejuvenating treatments that melted away the stresses of everyday life. The resort’s gym and sports facilities were top-notch for those keen on staying active.

What made my stay truly exceptional was the unparalleled service. The staff at Hotel Riu went above and beyond to ensure every guest felt cherished. After speaking with other guests at the resort, it was clear that Hotel Riu Emerald Bay was a popular choice. Many raved about the endless pool days, while others spoke fondly of the evening entertainment.

One aspect I found a tad inconvenient during my stay at Hotel Riu Emerald Bay was the need to book in advance for the on-site restaurants.

El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel

Source: El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel

Situated beautifully along the shimmering coast of Mazatlán, El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel served as a captivating gateway between city life and seaside serenity. Upon entering the resort, it was immediately evident that it seamlessly melded traditional Mexican architecture with contemporary design. The vast lobby, adorned with vibrant local art and lush indoor plants, set a welcoming tone.

My room was a delightful blend of comfort and tasteful design. With a balcony offering an uninterrupted view of the sun setting over the ocean, it was my haven of relaxation.

Feasting at El Cid Castilla was a gastronomic journey. Mornings began with a diverse breakfast spread at La Alhambra, offering both international dishes and local specialities. For a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine, I often found myself at El Alcazar, while Lobby Bar Castilla offered a variety of food and drink options. The variety and quality of dishes left me impressed.

The pool area was a major highlight. Multiple pools, each designed with unique features and varying depths, cater to both the avid swimmer in me and those moments when I just wanted to lounge. There was also a dedicated kids’ area, making it family-friendly. The resort’s fitness centre was top-notch for those looking to stay active.

The service was excellent. While the concierge recommended local excursions, the housekeeping team kept my room impeccable. After engaging with fellow guests, there was a sense of contentment. Families loved the child-friendly amenities, while couples appreciated the romantic setting.

One aspect of my stay at El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel that I wasn’t too thrilled about was the additional charge for Wi-Fi on each of my devices.

Pueblo Bonito Mazatlán Beach Resort

Source: Pueblo Bonito Mazatlán Beach Resort

Nestled along the golden coastline of Mazatlán, my stay at Pueblo Bonito Mazatlán Beach Resort felt like an embrace of both ocean and culture. The resort exudes an aura of timeless elegance. Drawing heavily from Mexico’s rich colonial history, the architecture and interiors felt like a beautiful collaboration between tradition and luxury.

My suite felt incredibly spacious and well-thought-out. I noticed the little details, like the unique tiles and comfortable bedding. But the highlight for me was the balcony – sipping my morning coffee and unwinding in the evening, all while soaking up those sea views.

The food at Pueblo Bonito is a real treat. With its inviting ambience, Las Palomas offered a mix of Mexican and international delights. For those evenings when I craved exquisite seafood, Cilantro’s was the place to be, presenting dishes that captured the essence of the ocean.

The resort’s expansive pool area was an oasis of relaxation, complete with loungers and cabanas. For a touch of pampering, the on-site spa provided treatments that rejuvenated both body and soul. Fitness enthusiasts would appreciate the state-of-the-art gym, while the kids’ club ensured younger guests were well-entertained.

The soul of Pueblo Bonito lies in its staff. Their commitment to ensuring guests have a memorable stay was evident. Conversations with fellow travellers echoed my sentiments. Many admired the resort’s harmonious blend of tradition and luxury. The spa treatments and the culinary offerings, particularly at Cilantro’s, were frequent topics of discussion.

But, during my stay at the resort, I noticed that the penthouse had quite a few bugs.

Hotel Playa Mazatlán

Source: Hotel Playa Mazatlán

Situated in the very heart of Mazatlán’s vibrant Golden Zone, my time at Hotel Playa felt like a delightful interplay of the city’s bustling energy and the calming embrace of the Pacific. As you step into the resort, you can feel the rich history all around you. The traditional Mexican decor and the lush tropical gardens gave the place a vintage yet charming feel.

My room was a comforting blend of the traditional and the modern. Rustic wooden furnishings met modern comforts, ensuring a restful stay. What stood out was the view – a mesmerising panorama of the sea.

Dining at Hotel Playa Mazatlán introduced me to an array of flavours. The hotel offered a complimentary breakfast spread that set the tone for the day, while Georgini’s served up authentic Italian in a romantic setting. For those cocktail cravings, the US George Sports Bar was a definite go-to.

The resort boasts multiple pools, each catering to different moods – from lively to serene. I found solace in the spa, where the traditional treatments truly melted away the stresses of my travels. Kids weren’t left out either, with a dedicated play area ensuring they had their share of fun.

The staff here embodied the warm spirit of Mazatlán. Whether it was housekeeping, the concierge, or the restaurant teams, everyone went the extra mile to make my stay memorable. Casual chats with other guests echoed my positive sentiments. Many were repeat visitors, a testament to the resort’s consistent charm.

However, during my stay at Hotel Playa, I found that many staff members struggled with English.

Oceano Palace Beach Hotel

Source: Oceano Palace Beach Hotel

Nestled in Mazatlán’s lively Golden Zone, my stay at Oceano Palace Beach Hotel was ideally located. From the moment I stepped into the resort, the atmosphere was invigorating. It exuded a modern elegance, balancing sleek design with local artistry.

My room, a harmonious blend of contemporary design and homely comfort, was a true retreat. With crisp linens, muted earthy tones, and a balcony that offered endless ocean vistas, it was a haven of relaxation.

The culinary scene here was a delightful journey. La Terraza, the main restaurant, served a diverse buffet spread perfect for breakfast. I went to Grand Central Sports Bar for a refined evening, enjoying cocktails and dishes. Their pool bar, Aqua Bar, became my regular spot for a quick bite directly in the pool.

The pool area, overlooking the ocean, was my favourite spot to unwind. It was spacious, with enough loungers for everyone. The on-site gym kept my fitness routine intact, and the evening entertainment programs added a delightful end to my days.

One of the standout features of Oceano Palace was its staff. Their genuine warmth and readiness to assist made my stay smooth and enjoyable. Interacting with fellow travellers, it was clear I wasn’t alone in my appreciation. Several mentioned their admiration for the room’s design and food quality at La Terraza.

During my stay at the resort, I noticed the lively and loud ambience, perhaps best suited for those in the party spirit.

El Cid El Moro Beach Hotel

Source: El Cid El Moro Beach Hotel

Perched along the sun-kissed shoreline of Mazatlán’s Zona Dorada, El Cid El Moro Beach Hotel was like a beacon calling out to beach lovers. The pristine sandy stretches outside the hotel became my regular spot, with the city’s attractions just a short drive away. The architectural style felt rooted in the locale, and the soft hum of the waves created an aural backdrop.

My room was spacious, offering a cosy, welcoming vibe. I especially loved the crisp bedding and the balcony that seemed to stretch right over the ocean.

The dining experience was a gastronomic treat. La Concha, the main dining area, served an impressive array of local and international dishes. However, El Moro Lobby Bar stole my heart with its al fresco dining setting and seafood specialities.

The pool was the highlight, weaving through the property with a separate area for children. I indulged in a rejuvenating massage at the spa, and their tennis courts added a touch of activity to my leisurely days.

What truly set El Cid El Moro apart for me was the dedication of its staff. Everyone from the front desk to the pool attendants tried to ensure my stay was impeccable. Chatting with other guests, many echoed my sentiments. The frequent praise revolved around the prime location, the diverse culinary options, and the attentiveness of the staff.

While staying at El Cid El Moro Beach Hotel, I felt the age of the building. Even though they’ve tried to update it with modern touches, the hotel still carries a hint of its older days.

Costa de Oro Beach Hotel

Source: Costa de Oro Beach Hotel

Costa de Oro’s location is a prime attraction. Conveniently situated in the heart of Mazatlán’s Golden Zone, I was never too far from local attractions and shopping hubs. With its Spanish colonial architecture, vibrant tiles, and lush green courtyards, I felt transported to a bygone era of elegance.

My room was spacious, with a touch of traditional decor – think hand-carved wooden furniture and brightly coloured textiles. While the interiors felt dated, it added to the hotel’s authentic charm.

The on-site restaurant, Adobes, quickly became my favourite spot. Serving an array of local dishes, I indulged in fresh seafood, tangy ceviches, and hearty Mexican classics. The breakfast buffet, with its spread of local fruits, pastries, and traditional dishes, was a delightful way to start the day.

While the hotel leans on its vintage charm, it doesn’t compromise on amenities. The pool area, overlooking the ocean, was my go-to spot after a long day of exploration. The hotel also boasts a decent-sized gym, a spa offering traditional treatments, and facilities for beach volleyball.

The staff at Costa de Oro embodied true Mexican hospitality. Always greeting me with warm smiles, they were eager to share local tips, ensuring my Mazatlán experience was as authentic as possible. During my interactions with fellow travellers, many echoed my sentiments. They appreciated the old-world charm, the fantastic location, and the warmth of the staff.

During my stay, I noticed that some of the furniture and appliances seemed outdated and could use an upgrade.


After travelling through Mazatlán, I can say firsthand that the city’s all-inclusive resorts offer a slice of paradise for everyone. I’ve lounged by serene beaches, enjoyed hearty meals, and met some great staff. Each resort has its flair, and while some captured my heart more than others, Mazatlán’s hospitality is genuinely unmatched. You won’t be disappointed if you’re thinking of a trip here.

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