8 Exquisite Guanacaste Costa Rica Resorts

Sandra Thomas
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Travelling through the heart of Central America, I’ve come to appreciate the lush landscapes and tranquil coastlines of Guanacaste in Costa Rica. This gem is celebrated not just for its tranquil beaches but also for its biodiversity.

Here, each resort tells its own story, nestled in a breathtaking view and the embrace of nature. In this article, I’ll tell you about some of the resorts that impressed me.

Exquisite Guanacaste Costa Rica Resorts

Amidst the breathtaking scenery of Costa Rica, Guanacaste is surrounded by a multitude of resorts. In analysing the resorts, I have taken into account various aspects: their setting, the vibe they exude, the dining options, the facilities and activities, the standard of service and the impression left by previous visitors.

Westin Reserva Conchal

Source: Westin Reserva Conchal

Tucked between the sparkling Pacific and Guanacaste’s lush forests, I found the Westin Reserva Conchal to be a beautiful fusion of style and nature. Everywhere I looked, the resort seemed to embrace the area’s vibrant biodiversity. This calming, sophisticated vibe was throughout, offering a perfect escape to bond with nature. As for the room, it was sheer luxury, with every tiny detail ensuring utmost comfort.

What truly elevated my stay was the incredible food on offer. The resort had various restaurants, each with its charm. At Manglar, a mix of global dishes caught my attention. Bamboo surprised me with its Asian fusion, while Faisanela was my go-to for Italian cravings in a classy setting. Whether a casual bite or a fancy dinner, I always found something to satisfy my hunger.

Apart from the great food, the Westin Reserva Conchal spoiled me with its facilities. I was drawn to its top-notch golf course and felt refreshed after the spa sessions. I spent many afternoons lounging by the crystal-clear pool. And for a closer look at Guanacaste’s beauty, the resort had many activities lined up. Each day was exciting, whether it was water sports, hiking, or spotting wildlife.

Most guests, including myself, were full of praise for the Westin Reserva Conchal. Conversations often revolved around the fantastic amenities, stunning location, and warm staff. Many raved about the dining choices and the luxurious rooms. For its quality and experiences, this resort is undoubtedly great value for those looking for relaxation and adventure in Costa Rica.

While I loved nearly everything about the resort, I did face a snag with dining reservations. Even with all the fantastic food options at the Westin Reserva Conchal, getting a dinner spot wasn’t always easy. I wasn’t alone in this – other guests shared similar experiences about struggling to book tables at their preferred times.

Jardin del Eden Boutique Hotel

Source: Jardin del Eden Boutique Hotel

In Guanacaste, I stumbled upon the Jardin del Eden Boutique Hotel, a gem with breathtaking Pacific Ocean views. The blend of luxury and nature was evident when I walked in. The whole place had a warm, welcoming feel; my room was the perfect mix of comfort and class.

As with many others, the standout for me was dining at La Plumeria. This place was a culinary revelation, championing fresh and local produce. From tempting international dishes to the authentic flavours of Costa Rica, La Plumeria catered to all my cravings. The restaurant had a laid-back yet elegant setting.

Jardin del Eden didn’t hold back on amenities. I was often drawn to the pool, its stunning views acting as my peaceful retreat. The spa was another highlight, leaving me refreshed after every visit. The hotel also nudged me to embrace the surroundings. Whether I was strolling along the adjacent beaches or wandering through its lush gardens, being close to nature was effortlessly achieved.

The heart and soul of the Jardin del Eden Boutique Hotel were undoubtedly its staff. Their genuine warmth and dedication were evident as they went the extra mile to make my stay exceptional. Chatting with fellow guests, it became clear I wasn’t alone in this feeling. Many echoed praises for the hotel’s ambience, the flawless service, and the dining options at La Plumeria.

While the hotel had a lot to offer, it wasn’t without its small flaws. During my time there, I noticed concerns about the pool’s cleanliness from conversations with other guests. Some felt it wasn’t maintained frequently.

Secrets Papagayo Costa Rica

Source: Secrets Papagayo Costa Rica

Nestled in the beautiful scenery of Guanacaste, Secrets Papagayo was a true treasure. Surrounded by nature, the gentle sound of the Pacific Ocean became a calming constant. During my stay, I felt like I had found a peaceful oasis where I could relax and truly enjoy the luxury of nature around me.

The dining options at Secrets Papagayo truly captured my attention. The resort had a variety of on-site restaurants, each presenting a unique palette of tastes. I often found myself at Market Café, indulging in its diverse international buffet. On nights when I fancied Asian cuisine, Himitsu didn’t disappoint. Meanwhile, Portofino served as a delightful Italian escape right in the middle of Costa Rica. Every restaurant had its special vibe and menu, making each dining experience feel new and exciting.

The facilities at Secrets Papagayo were a true reflection of luxury. The shimmering pools and the top-notch spa stood out immediately. Whether I wanted to spend a relaxed day poolside, indulge in a spa session, or seek adventure, the resort catered effortlessly to all my desires.

What truly enhanced my experience at Secrets Papagayo was the incredible staff. They were meticulous and genuinely committed to ensuring a memorable stay. Chatting with other guests, I found that my sentiments were widely shared. Many of us couldn’t stop praising Secrets Papagayo, especially noting its luxurious atmosphere and outstanding service.

One thing I did observe, particularly for people with dietary preferences, was a bit of rigidity in modifying the menu at the resort’s eateries. Though the food options were abundant, the selections might feel a bit limited if you’re looking for more customised choices.

Hotel Riu Palace Costa Rica

Source: Hotel Riu Palace Costa Rica

Tucked away in the picturesque setting of Guanacaste, the Hotel Riu Palace offered stunning views. The resort combines luxury with the beauty of nature to create a tranquil retreat that showcases the best of the region. My room was beautifully designed with a modern touch yet infused with hints of tropical elegance.

The dining choices at the Hotel Riu Palace were varied and delicious. My meals took me on a culinary journey, from the eclectic dishes at Krystal to the authentic Italian flavours at L’Anfora and the delicious steaks at Papagayo. Each restaurant had its ambience and ensured the atmosphere was as important as the food.

The facilities at Hotel Riu Palace were impressive. Between the inviting pools, the calming spa, and a well-appointed fitness centre, the resort seemed ready for any guest’s wishes. Everything I wanted was right there, whether I was in the mood for a relaxing spa day, a lazy afternoon by the pool’s clear waters, or some active exploration.

Chatting with other guests, I found that many shared my appreciation for the resort. Like me, they were full of praise for its fantastic location, variety of amenities, and vast culinary choices. The standout service and heartfelt hospitality weren’t overlooked either.

While the Hotel Riu Palace has much to offer, I couldn’t help but observe that some parts felt a little dated. Certain spaces and furniture pieces could use a refresh to match today’s standards and aesthetics. Although this aspect didn’t majorly impact my overall experience, it’s something to consider if you have a keen eye for modern decor and up-to-date amenities.

Occidental Papagayo

Source: Occidental Papagayo

Nestled in the heart of Guanacaste, the Occidental Papagayo seamlessly merges lush landscapes with the expansive Pacific. The resort’s location is perfect for those looking to experience the true essence and lively spirit of Costa Rica. As soon as I stepped in, I was surrounded by the calm and refined ambience.

The array of dining choices at the resort was impressive. Each day, I was treated to a new dining option. L’Buffet showcased a spread of global dishes that were hard to resist. Some evenings, I was tempted by the hearty Italian dishes at The Italian, and on others, D’Oriental’s fragrant Asian offerings caught my fancy. Every dining experience was an opportunity to savour a variety of unique tastes.

The amenities at Occidental Papagayo truly stood out during my stay. The resort boasts several pools, ideal for a relaxing swim. With a well-equipped fitness centre and a spa designed for utmost rejuvenation, my options for unwinding were plenty. I enjoyed a game of beach volleyball, had a go at tennis, and couldn’t resist exploring the ocean through snorkelling and scuba diving.

The dedication of the staff was evident in every encounter, making my experience seamless and delightful. Chatting with other guests, I found my feelings were shared, as many spoke highly of the resort’s superb location, wide range of amenities, and culinary delights. With its comfortable rooms set against a scenic backdrop, I truly felt that Occidental Papagayo offered excellent value for the money spent.

One small snag during my stay was the early closing time of the pool bar. Service wraps up by 5 p.m., which felt a bit premature for someone like me who enjoys a poolside cocktail as the sun sets. It’s a detail to remember if you’re one to enjoy late afternoon or evening refreshments poolside.

Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort

Source: Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort

Situated with a prime view of Tamarindo Beach, the Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort blends nature’s beauty with top-tier comforts. The resort’s interiors are thoughtfully crafted, reflecting the tropical charm of Guanacaste. My room was thoughtfully designed, keeping both comfort and aesthetics in mind.

The dining experiences at the resort were nothing short of delightful. My taste buds travelled from the global delights at BrisaMar and the heartwarming Italian flavours at Nari to the true taste of Costa Rica at Ay Caramba. The diverse menus meant that every meal felt like a new adventure.

Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort doesn’t hold back when it comes to amenities. Whether I was taking a dip in one of their many inviting pools, pampering myself with spa treatments, or staying active at their top-notch fitness centre, there was no shortage of options. Families with kids would appreciate the kids’ club. And for those with an adventurous spirit, like myself, the tennis courts and water sports facilities provided an extra layer of fun.

My experiences aligned with those of numerous other guests. We often found ourselves discussing the resort’s remarkable location, the diverse dining options, and the extensive amenities. The warm and sincere hospitality of the staff was a notable aspect that many of us believed enhanced the overall quality of our stay.

However, there was one minor drawback I noticed. The mattresses in a few rooms felt thinner and less comfortable, possibly showing signs of wear and tear. This did have a slight impact on the quality of my sleep. It’s an important detail to keep in mind, especially for guests who have specific bedding preferences or suffer from back issues.

Margaritaville Beach Resort

Source: Margaritaville Beach Resort

Tucked away in the serene Playa Flamingo region of Guanacaste, Margaritaville Beach Resort offers a blend of tropical allure and contemporary comforts. The instant I entered the resort, I was enveloped by its tropical-inspired atmosphere, setting the stage for a laid-back Costa Rican escape. My room was thoughtfully equipped with all the modern conveniences one could desire.

Regarding dining, the resort boasts an array of restaurant choices to satisfy various tastes. Whether I was craving international dishes or yearning for a taste of local cuisine, the options were plenty. The 5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar & Grill offered a laid-back dining experience, while the Banana Wind Café allowed me to enjoy a blend of local and international favourites.

The resort has an array of amenities to elevate the overall guest experience. With multiple pools, I found a refreshing escape from the tropical heat. The fitness centre allowed me to stay active, even during my vacation, and the spa services were delightful. Additionally, the resort offered water sports facilities and various recreational options, ensuring there was never a dull moment throughout my stay.

I must emphasise the outstanding service and warmth of the staff at Margaritaville Beach Resort. They consistently went the extra mile to make sure my needs were met, and this sentiment was echoed in many guest reviews. The resort’s excellent location, diverse dining choices, and available facilities were frequently lauded by fellow travellers.

It’s important to mention that I came across a few guest reviews citing concerns about the air conditioning units in certain rooms. They reported temperature fluctuations that may cause slight discomfort during their stay.

Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica

Source: Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica

Nestled in beautiful Guanacaste, where lush forests meet the sparkling Pacific Ocean, Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica is a peaceful place that perfectly matches its natural surroundings. As I arrived at the resort, I immediately sensed a serene sophistication that defined this destination. My room was thoughtfully designed, offering all the conveniences modern travellers require.

Eating at Dreams Las Mareas was a real food adventure for me. With various on-site restaurants offering a unique dining experience, my taste buds were in for a treat. El Patio served delectable Mexican cuisine, while Himitsu specialised in Pan-Asian specialities. Oceana, on the other hand, provided a delightful seafood experience. I loved that I could try different foods during my stay, making every meal a new experience.

The resort had amazing things to do, which made my stay enjoyable. Multiple swimming pools offered the perfect escape from the tropical heat, and the spa was a peaceful place to relax. Whether I wanted to indulge in a spa day, spend lazy hours by the pool, or embark on exciting adventures, Dreams Las Mareas had it all covered.

Another standout aspect of my stay was the staff’s exceptional service and genuine hospitality. They went above and beyond to ensure every aspect of my stay was cared for with a smile, adding to the overall positive experience.

Although Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica has a beautiful location, great amenities, and many dining choices, it might not be the best fit for families with kids. It seemed like the resort was more focused on couples and adults, which could make families with children feel like they need more kid-friendly activities and facilities.


Exploring Guanacaste, I discovered a selection of resorts, each with its unique way of showcasing the lush landscapes and vibrant culture. Whether I craved the peaceful ambience of Margaritaville Beach Resort or the sophisticated elegance of the Westin Reserva Conchal, Guanacaste had something to suit my every preference.

Each resort displayed its charm through a variety of dining experiences, modern comforts, and welcoming hospitality.

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