8 Stunning Resorts in Curacao with Breathtaking Ocean Views

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Imagine waking up to the pacifying sound of waves lapping against pristine shores, the gentle rustle of palm trees, and the stunning sight of an infinite azure sea meeting the horizon. Curacao is a Caribbean paradise that effortlessly marries natural beauty with world-class comfort and style. In this gem of an island, the ocean isn’t just a feature, and it’s a way of life.

And what better way to experience the tranquility and allure of this marine wonder than to stay at a resort with breathtaking ocean views? We present some of the most stunning resorts in Curacao, all offering a front-row seat overlooking the island’s mesmerizing ocean panorama.

Stunning Resorts in Curacao with Breathtaking Ocean Views

Amidst this picturesque setting, Curacao boasts a selection of stunning resorts that provide guests with breathtaking ocean views. We have handpicked these resorts for their stunning ocean views, great locations, relaxed ambiance, tasty dining options, top-notch service, and high guest praise.

Avila Beach Hotel

Tucked away near the bustling city of Willemstad, the historic Avila Beach Hotel holds a prime location on Avila Beach, offering a perfect spot for enjoying the Caribbean sunshine and the relaxing island vibe. Inspired by the colonial era, the resort’s architecture blends perfectly with the surrounding natural beauty, creating a peaceful and inviting vibe. With its lush gardens, rustling palm trees, and stunning ocean views, it’s a place designed to create unforgettable holiday memories.

Avila Beach Hotel prides itself on providing diverse dining options that cater to every taste. The Belle Terrace, the hotel’s premium restaurant, overlooks the ocean and offers a delightful fusion of international and local dishes. The Avila Café presents a cozy outdoor setting for a laid-back meal where you can enjoy tasty sandwiches, fresh salads, and cool drinks.

The resort offers multiple amenities and facilities to cater to your every need. Choose from one of the hotel’s three swimming pools for a refreshing swim – the Infinity Pool, in particular, is renowned for its enchanting ocean view. To relax and rejuvenate, the Santai Spa provides a variety of soothing treatments. For those who like to keep active, the Avila Gym has all the necessary equipment for a good workout.

Guests consistently laud Avila Beach Hotel for its unique charm, amazing location, and top-class service. The soothing ambiance, stunning ocean views, and careful attention to even the smallest details add to its appeal.

However, the beach area can get quite busy during peak holiday periods. As it’s a popular spot, reserving your beach chairs could guarantee a comfortable, relaxing spot and enjoying the sun.

LionsDive Beach Resort

Situated on the renowned Mambo Beach, this resort provides direct access to crystal-clear turquoise waters and soft sandy shores, ensuring a truly memorable beach getaway. The resort’s design incorporates a blend of contemporary style with elements of Caribbean charm, creating an ambiance that is both stylish and inviting.

Food enthusiasts are in for a treat at LionsDive Beach Resort. Their on-site Hemingway restaurant serves a mouth-watering selection of international and seafood dishes on the beachfront. Whether indulging in a romantic sunset dinner or enjoying a relaxed, sandy-toed lunch, Hemingway promises a remarkable dining journey that satisfies all palates.

The resort’s amenities and facilities are crafted to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Their stunning infinity pool and beach view are wonderful spots for a refreshing dip or sunbathing session. The resort offers a fully-equipped gym with modern facilities for those who want to stay fit. Plus, guests can access the on-site Ocean Encounters dive center, perfect for embarking on diving and snorkeling adventures to explore the island’s rich underwater ecosystem.

Guest reviews consistently highlight the quality of the LionsDive Beach Resort experience. The attentive and friendly service provided by the staff receives glowing reviews, with many guests commending their helpfulness and willingness to go the extra mile.

However, some guests mentioned occasional evening noise due to its location near Mambo Beach. While this contributes to the vibrant local nightlife, guests who are light sleepers or seek utmost peace might prefer to ask for a room distanced from potential noise sources.

Renaissance Wind Creek Curacao Resort

The Renaissance Wind Creek Curacao Resort is situated within the historic Rif Fort, offering convenient access to Willemstad’s vibrant city center and the stunning waterfront. This prime location makes it an ideal base for exploring the island’s attractions and experiencing the lively atmosphere of the area. The resort’s contemporary design blends harmoniously with the historic Rif Fort, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere.

When it comes to dining, the Renaissance Wind Creek Curacao Resort offers an array of delightful options. The Nautilus Restaurant presents an upscale dining experience where you can indulge in fine international dishes infused with Caribbean flavors. The setting is sophisticated yet laid-back, perfect for a romantic meal or a special celebration. The Blue Lobby Bar & Restaurant serves light meals, refreshing beverages, and live entertainment in a comfy setting for a more relaxed atmosphere.

The resort has amenities and facilities to ensure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable. Unwind in the infinity pool with its panoramic ocean views and surrounding tropical gardens, or keep up with your fitness routine at the fully-equipped gym.

Guests appreciate the resort’s central location, which makes exploring Willemstad’s lively city center a breeze. The magnificent ocean views from the resort are a definite hit, offering a picture-perfect backdrop for a serene vacation. The culinary offerings, particularly at Nautilus Restaurant, are highly praised for their tasty food and attentive service.

However, some guests have pointed out that some rooms at the resort are smaller, which could be a problem for people who prefer more spacious accommodations. It’s suggested to check room sizes and configurations before booking to ensure they fit your needs.

Scuba Lodge & Ocean Suites

Located in the Pietermaai District, this boutique resort provides a strategic spot that offers tranquillity and quick access to Willemstad’s bustling city center. The resort showcases a blend of Caribbean charm and modern aesthetics. The colorful buildings, lush tropical gardens, and breathtaking ocean views provide a stunning backdrop for your stay.

Dining at the Scuba Lodge & Ocean Suites is a delightful experience. Their restaurant, Ocean Bar & Kitchen, has a diverse menu influenced by local and international cuisines. Whether it’s fresh seafood or tantalizing cocktails, this seaside restaurant offers a relaxed and welcoming setting for a scrumptious meal with a view of the Caribbean Sea. Plus, being in the Pietermaai District means various exciting dining options are just a short walk away.

The amenities and the services at the resort are designed to add charm to your stay and create unforgettable memories. Immerse yourself in the infinity pool overlooking the sea or relax on the sundeck while basking in the warm Caribbean sunshine. The on-site dive shop offers a variety of diving and snorkeling experiences, letting you discover the vibrant marine life around the island.

The Scuba Lodge & Ocean Suites consistently receives praise in guest reviews for its distinctive charm, prime location, and exceptional service. Visitors value the resort’s closeness to Willemstad’s city center and the lively Pietermaai District, offering various dining and entertainment options. Guests also appreciate the calming ambiance of the infinity pool and the convenience of the on-site dive shop for underwater adventures in Curacao.

While the Scuba Lodge & Ocean Suites has key amenities for a comfortable stay, some guests have noted that the on-site facilities may be fewer than larger resorts. For instance, there’s no full-service spa or gym on the premises. However, the resort’s strategic location allows easy access to nearby attractions and services.

Van der Valk Kontiki Beach Resort

The resort boasts a fantastic beachfront location in the vibrant and trendy Mambo Beach neighborhood. The resort’s design perfectly blends modern elegance and tropical charm, creating a serene and welcoming atmosphere. Lush gardens and palm trees surround the resort and offer impressive views of the clear, turquoise sea — a beautiful setting for your vacation.

Enjoying a meal at the Van der Valk Kontiki Beach Resort is a joy. The resort hosts a variety of on-site dining establishments to suit all tastes. The beachfront Cabana Beach restaurant lets you enjoy a wide variety of international foods, from fresh seafood to grilled dishes and tropical drinks. The Pizza & Pasta Bar offers tasty wood-fired pizzas and homemade pasta if you’re looking for something casual. And don’t forget to visit the resort’s bakery, Bread & More, for fresh bread, pastries, and other sweet indulgences.

The resort is designed to provide a memorable and enjoyable vacation. Its private beach area is perfect for relaxing, soaking up the sun, and trying various water sports. And if you need some pampering, Spa 8 The Experience offers a variety of treatments and therapies in a peaceful environment.

Visitors often commend the resort’s location close to Mambo Beach, which offers a lively beach environment with various forms of entertainment. Guests also appreciate the resort’s well-kept facilities, such as the pools and private beach area, and the warm, friendly service from the staff.

Several guests have noted that parking can be challenging, especially during busy periods. This might mean you’ll need to look for other nearby parking options or take advantage of the resort’s valet service.

Baoase Luxury Resort

Just a stone’s throw from Willemstad, this resort is a peaceful, secluded retreat that immerses you in both luxury and the island’s natural beauty. The resort’s design is a thoughtful blend of Asian and Caribbean influences. Its lush tropical gardens, beautiful waterfalls, and private beach create a calming and romantic environment, perfect for a dreamy getaway.

The resort has two on-site eateries, each offering a unique dining experience. The Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant combines global flavors with a Caribbean touch, creating a menu made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. If you want something more relaxed, the Beach Bar & Restaurant offers tasty snacks and cool drinks in a beachfront setting.

The resort’s facilities and amenities are geared towards providing maximum luxury and relaxation. You can enjoy a soothing spa treatment in a private beachfront gazebo or take a refreshing swim in the infinity pool, offering stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. The private beach is a quiet haven with sun loungers, umbrellas, and attentive beach service.

Guests value the resort’s quiet location, providing privacy and tranquility. They also praise the resort’s meticulous attention to detail, from the luxurious rooms to the pristine grounds. The friendly and personalized service from the staff consistently earns high marks, making guests’ stays truly unforgettable.

While the resort has a private beach, some guests have commented that the beachfront space is smaller than other resorts. This could lead to a somewhat crowded beach during peak times. However, the resort does provide comfortable sun loungers and attentive beach service to ensure guest comfort.

Papagayo Beach Resort

The Papagayo Beach Resort in the beautiful Jan Thiel area provides an ideal beachfront setting that allows you to enjoy the captivating beauty of the Caribbean Sea fully. The resort’s design perfectly marries modern style with the natural environment, creating a warm ambiance. The resort’s lush tropical gardens, swaying palm trees, and sparkling turquoise waters make for a scenic setting during your stay.

The resort houses several on-site dining options, each offering a unique culinary adventure. At Zest Mediterranean, you can relish the delightful blend of Mediterranean and Caribbean tastes with dishes made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Tinto South American Grill serves a tempting variety of grilled delights, complemented by an extensive selection of wines. If you’re after a laid-back atmosphere, the Beach Club offers refreshing beverages and snacks on the sandy beach.

The resort’s amenities and facilities are designed to provide a luxurious and enjoyable stay. Relax by the infinity pool, soaking up the sun and enjoying panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea. The resort’s private beach, with its clean white sand and crystal clear waters, is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, or relaxing. Additionally, it has a well-equipped fitness center with a spa offering a range of soothing treatments and massages to refresh the body and mind.

Guests love the resort’s beachfront location, with direct access to clean waters and stunning views. The on-site restaurants are highly praised for their top-quality food and diverse menu options. The dedicated and professional service from the staff consistently receives excellent reviews, contributing to a memorable and enjoyable stay.

Some guests have reported that the Wi-Fi connectivity in certain resort areas may be patchy or slower than expected. While the resort strives to offer reliable internet access, occasional disruptions or slower speeds might occur.

Sunscape Curacao Resort, Spa & Casino

Set in the charming Piscadera Bay, this resort offers a top-notch beachfront setting. The resort radiates a laid-back and lively atmosphere, skillfully mixing contemporary amenities with the island’s natural beauty. The pathways lined with palm trees, vibrant gardens, and eye-catching views of the bright blue sea set a lovely scene for your visit.

The Sunscape Curacao Resort, Spa & Casino offers a delightful culinary journey. You can enjoy traditional Italian dishes at Da Mario, while Himitsu offers an exciting blend of Asian cuisines. The World Café serves a buffet of international dishes for casual meals, and the Bluewater Grill is known for its compelling grilled options.

The facilities and amenities at Sunscape Curacao Resort, Spa & Casino are designed to make you feel completely comfortable and relaxed. If you’re feeling lucky, there’s an on-site casino where you can participate in various games. In addition, the resort has an extensive spa to ensure maximum relaxation and revitalization.

Guests regularly commend the Sunscape Curacao Resort, Spa & Casino for its gorgeous location, warm service, and variety of amenities. The dining options’ diverse cuisines and tasty flavors consistently receive positive feedback. Guests also appreciate the attentive and helpful service provided by the staff, contributing to an unforgettable and pleasurable stay.

As the resort has an on-site casino, some guests have noted occasional noise in certain parts of the property, especially near the casino floor. If you’re a light sleeper or prefer a quieter atmosphere, you may want to request a room situated away from the casino.


Curacao offers a treasure trove of stunning resorts with breathtaking ocean views that will leave you in awe. From Avila Beach Hotel’s tranquil serenity to Papagayo Beach Resort’s vibrant luxury, each resort has its unique charm and allure.

Whether you seek a peaceful retreat or a lively beachfront experience, the resorts in Curacao cater to every traveler’s desires. So, pack your bags, soak up the sun, and let the mesmerizing beauty of Curacao’s ocean views sweep you away on an unforgettable vacation of a lifetime.

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