The 10 Best Bonaire All Inclusive Resorts

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I’ve been to Bonaire many times, and it’s one of my favourite places. This small island in the southern Caribbean is peaceful and beautiful. It’s perfect for people who love the sea. Bonaire is not just about swimming, though. It has a rich culture and tasty food. On my last trip, I stayed at several all-inclusive resorts. Each one showed me a different side of this lovely island.

In this article, I’ll share my experiences of the best all-inclusive resorts in Bonaire. I’ve seen them myself and done lots of research. Whether you’re travelling alone or with family, these resorts have something special for everyone.

Best Bonaire All Inclusive Resorts

Bonaire is something special. I’ve just come back from visiting several all-inclusive resorts there. Each one was unique. When rating these resorts, I looked at everything. I considered where the resort is, how it feels, the food, what you can do, and how the staff treat you.

Here, I’ll share everything with you. My goal is to give you a clear picture of each resort. This way, you can choose the right one for your next trip to Bonaire.

Plaza Beach & Dive Resort

Source: Plaza Beach & Dive Resort

The Plaza Beach & Dive Resort in Bonaire is in a great spot. Right on the Caribbean Sea, it’s beautiful. I loved how close it was to Kralendijk and the best diving places. The ambience at the resort struck a perfect balance between comfort and island charm. Its open spaces and lush gardens created a relaxing atmosphere.

My room at the resort was spacious and comfortable. The Caribbean-inspired decor added a nice touch. I especially enjoyed spending time on the balcony, soaking in the views.

The dining experience at the resort was a highlight. ‘Tipsy Seagull‘, the main restaurant, served a delightful mix of local and international dishes. For more relaxed dining, ‘Palm Beach Bar’ was my favourite for snacks and drinks. The variety of dining options suited my tastes perfectly.

The resort offered a wide range of amenities. The on-site dive shop provided fantastic diving and snorkelling experiences. The pool area was a great spot to swim or relax. There’s also a fitness centre and spa, though I spent most of my time enjoying the natural beauty of Bonaire.

Every staff member was friendly and helpful, from the reception to the restaurants and the dive shop. Before visiting, I read many positive reviews about the resort. After my stay, I can say those reviews were accurate. The resort caters well to all types of guests. My own experience mirrored the positive feedback.

However, during my stay at the resort, I experienced a significant inconvenience: the Wi-Fi in my room was not functional, which was quite frustrating.

Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino

Source: Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino

On my trip to Bonaire, I also stayed at the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino. Its location is fantastic, right next to the beautiful Caribbean Sea. I loved being so close to Kralendijk, the local town. It was great for exploring local culture. The resort’s bright colours and tropical gardens create a happy and calm feeling. Every evening, the sunsets were incredible.

My room was bright and cheerful. It had lots of space and modern comforts. I enjoyed the lively island decor. The balcony was my favourite spot. It had a lovely sea view, perfect for relaxing after a day out.

There are some great places to eat at the resort. ‘Chibi Chibi Restaurant & Bar’ offers tasty local and international food. ‘Pureocean Restaurant‘ is right by the beach. It’s a beautiful spot for a meal under the stars. The food at both restaurants was always delicious.

The resort has everything you need. I loved the two swimming pools by the ocean. They were perfect for a cool swim. The casino was fun for a bit of evening entertainment. The dive shop was also great. It offers scuba diving trips, which are a must in Bonaire.

The staff at the resort were amazing. Everyone, from the reception to the restaurants, was friendly and helpful. Before going, I read a lot of good things about the resort. I agree with them now. Many guests like the location, the food, and how friendly the staff are. My own experience was just as good.

For someone with disabilities or using a wheelchair, the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort may not be the most accommodating choice based on my personal experience.

Courtyard by Marriott Dive Resort

Source: Courtyard by Marriott Dive Resort

I stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott Bonaire Dive Resort on my latest trip to Bonaire. It’s conveniently close to the airport and the town of Kralendijk. This location is great for diving and experiencing local life. The resort has a modern and friendly feel. It mixes contemporary design with local styles. This creates an inviting place to stay.

My room at the resort was spacious and comfortable. It had all the modern amenities I needed. The decor was stylish yet practical. The bed was quite comfortable, ensuring a good night’s sleep after a day of exploring.

The resort’s restaurant, ‘Courtyard‘, was excellent. They serve both local and international dishes. Everything is made with fresh ingredients. The restaurant’s relaxed atmosphere made it an excellent place for breakfast and dinner.

The Courtyard by Marriott offers lots of facilities. The dive shop was a highlight for me. It provides easy access to Bonaire’s amazing diving spots. The outdoor pool and the fitness centre were also great.

The staff at the resort were friendly and always ready to help. They knew a lot about the area and helped me plan my activities. My experience at the resort matched the reviews I read online. Like other guests, I enjoyed the location, the food, and the service. The resort lives up to its good reputation.

During my stay at Courtyard, I noticed a recurring issue. The pool area often had dirty dishes left around for extended periods, which was a bit bothersome and affected the overall experience.

Delfins Beach Resort

Source: Delfins Beach Resort

Staying at Delfins Beach Resort in Bonaire was a wonderful experience, mainly because of its location. The resort is right on a beautiful beach, offering fantastic ocean views. The atmosphere was both relaxed and stylish. The modern design and tropical plants around the resort made it feel luxurious.

My room at the resort was spacious and nicely decorated. It had everything I needed for a comfortable stay. The best part was the balcony with its view of the sea. It was a great place to relax.

The food at the resort was excellent. ‘Brass Boer‘, the on-site restaurant, served local and international dishes. Each meal was a delight. The beachside bar, ‘Beach Brasserie’, was perfect for drinks in the evening. It had a relaxed yet elegant feel.

There were lots of things to do at the resort. The big pool was perfect for cooling off. I also enjoyed water sports activities, like diving and snorkelling. The resort also has a good fitness centre and a relaxing spa.

The staff at Delfins Beach Resort were great. They were always friendly and happy to help. Their advice about the area was really useful. My experience was just as positive as the reviews online. I especially liked the location, the food, and the service, just like other guests had mentioned.

During my visit, I noticed that the beachside equipment wasn’t well-maintained. It often had mould and wasn’t cleaned properly.

Harbour Village Beach Club

Source: Harbour Village Beach Club

I recently stayed at the Harbour Village Beach Club in Bonaire. This resort is in a quiet spot by the sea. It’s close enough to Kralendijk to explore the town easily. Yet, it feels like a private getaway. The resort mixes Caribbean charm with modern touches. It’s peaceful and elegant. The gardens and the sound of the ocean add to this feeling.

However, while I was at the airport, I had to wait approximately 15 minutes for the hotel transportation. It was a bit inconvenient, especially after a long journey.

The room I stayed in at Harbour Village was amazing. It was large and beautifully decorated. Everything was well-kept. The room had a lovely island feel. Waking up to the sound of the sea each morning was a real treat.

Eating at Harbour Village was a great experience. The resort’s restaurant, ‘La Balandra‘, is right by the beach. The menu offers a blend of local and international dishes. Every meal was a delight, with fresh and tasty food.

The resort has plenty to offer. Its private beach is perfect for relaxing and snorkelling. There’s also a dive centre for those who want to explore underwater. The pool and spa are great for unwinding and enjoying some quiet time.

The staff at Harbour Village Beach Club were great. Everyone was friendly and helpful. The personal attention and local tips they gave made my holiday even better. Before I visited, I read many good reviews about Harbour Village. My experience was just as positive. The resort is well-known for its beautiful setting, great food, and excellent service.

The Bellafonte

Source: The Bellafonte

I recently stayed at The Bellafonte in Bonaire. It’s right on the seafront. This location is fantastic. It’s close to the great diving spots. The resort has a calm and exclusive feel. It’s designed for relaxation. The hotel’s look is elegant yet simple. In the evenings, the sound of the waves was so soothing.

My room was spacious and immaculate. It was decorated in a style that was both luxurious and comfortable. The best part was the private balcony. I spent hours there, just looking at the ocean.

Bellefonte doesn’t have a restaurant. But this wasn’t a problem. There are many good places to eat in nearby Kralendijk. The hotel staff were always ready to suggest places and book tables for me.

Although The Bellafonte is a small hotel, it has great amenities. I loved the private pier for sunbathing and snorkelling. You can also chill by the pool overlooking the waters. The staff can arrange diving and windsurfing too. They make sure you have a good time.

The service at the hotel was excellent. The staff were so friendly and helpful. They made sure I had everything I needed. Before I went, I read many good reviews about The Bellafonte. Now I understand why. The hotel is well-known for its quiet setting, great service, and lovely rooms. I completely agree with these reviews.

However, my room was situated extremely close to a major coastal road. And by “next to,” I mean within just 50 feet. This proximity to the road resulted in noticeable noise levels during my stay.

The Bonairian

Source: The Bonairian

I recently had the pleasure of staying at The Bonairian in Bonaire. Originally built in 1977 as an oceanfront mansion, it was transformed into a luxury hotel in 2017. This made it perfect for enjoying the ocean and exploring local attractions. The atmosphere at The Bonairian is calm and welcoming. It’s a smaller resort, which adds to its charm. The decor is a mix of modern and traditional Caribbean styles.

I found my room at The Bonairian to be both stylish and comfortable. It had all the modern amenities I needed. With its sea view, the patio was the perfect spot to relax and relish the scenery.

The ‘Blue Breeze’ restaurant at the resort served fantastic food. The menu had a great mix of local seafood and international dishes. Dining with the ocean view was a fantastic experience. A unique feature here is that groups can rent the entire resort. This includes a private chef who prepares meals tailored to your preferences.

The Bonairian might be small, but it’s well-equipped. The pool by the ocean was a lovely place to relax. There are also snorkelling and diving opportunities. The garden area was another peaceful spot for relaxation.

Staff at The Bonairian were wonderful. They were friendly and always ready to help. Their personal touch made my stay even more enjoyable. The resort had great reviews, praising its peaceful setting, great food, and excellent service. My stay confirmed these reviews.

While the location, room, and amenities were nice, the nearby airport caused considerable noise, with planes landing and taking off. This was quite bothersome during the stay.

Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort Bonaire

Source: Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort Bonaire

I recently stayed at Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort in Bonaire. It’s located near some fantastic diving spots and is just a short drive from Kralendijk. Chogogo has a very relaxed and friendly feel. The design combines modern and Caribbean styles. The gardens are lush, and the sound of the ocean adds to the peaceful environment.

My room at Chogogo was both comfortable and stylish. It was spacious and had all the modern amenities I needed. The tropical decor was lovely. From my balcony, I enjoyed views of the gardens and the sea.

Eating at the resort was an absolute pleasure. The on-site restaurants, ‘Bina‘ and ‘Sunset‘, offered tasty local and international dishes. The fresh food and the beachside setting made meals even more enjoyable.

The resort offers great amenities. I especially liked the dive centre, which provided excellent diving experiences. The swimming pool was a perfect place to cool off and relax. The resort also offers snorkelling and other water activities.

The service at Chogogo was fantastic. The staff were always friendly and helpful. They made my stay comfortable and memorable. Their attention to detail and eagerness to help stood out. The resort is well-loved in the reviews for its great location, delicious food, and outstanding service. I completely agree with these reviews.

While at Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort, I found that room service was provided only once every three days. This is less frequent than I expected.

Grand Windsock Bonaire

Source: Grand Windsock Bonaire

The Grand Windsock is ideally located close to both the sea and the town of Kralendijk. The area is peaceful, offering a nice mix of relaxation and adventure. Walking into the resort, I felt a sense of luxury and calm. The resort blends modern design with Caribbean elements. This creates a relaxed yet upscale feel.

My room at Grand Windsock was spacious and beautifully decorated. It had everything I needed for a comfortable stay. The decor was elegant and functional. Waking up to the sea breeze and the sound of the waves was beautiful.

However, I did face an issue with the ceiling fan in the living area. It was broken and couldn’t go beyond the lowest setting, making the room uncomfortable.

The dining at Grand Windsock was excellent. ‘The Beach Club’, the resort’s restaurant, served delicious local and international food. Every meal was fresh and well-presented. Dining with a view of the beach made the experience even better.

The resort has excellent facilities. I loved the private beach club. It was a perfect place to relax. The pool was inviting, and the dive centre was well-equipped. It caters to all levels of divers.

The service at Grand Windsock stood out. The staff were very friendly and always willing to help. They made sure my stay was enjoyable and comfortable. Before visiting, I read positive reviews about Grand Windsock. My experience matched these reviews. The resort is praised for its great location, excellent food, and friendly service. I completely agree with these reviews.

Sorobon Beach Resort

Source: Sorobon Beach Resort

I recently visited Sorobon Beach Resort in Bonaire. It’s located on the beautiful Lac Bay. The resort is peaceful and away from busy areas but close to nature’s attractions. The resort has a calm and natural feel. It fits perfectly with the beach and gardens around it. I loved listening to the waves and the palm leaves rustling in the wind.

My chalet at Sorobon was cosy and charming. It was designed to match the natural surroundings. It was spacious and had everything I needed. My favourite part was the porch, where I could enjoy the sea breeze and lovely views.

Eating at Sorobon was enjoyable. The resort’s restaurant, ‘Sorobon Beach Club‘, served delicious meals. The menu had fresh seafood and local dishes. The outdoor dining area, near the sea, made the meals even more special.

Sorobon has many facilities for relaxation and fun. I especially liked the natural wellness spa. They also offer yoga classes and windsurfing. The beach is great for swimming and sunbathing, with its shallow waters and soft sand.

I found the beach at the resort truly beautiful. However, I did notice that it was frequently left uncleaned, which was quite disappointing.

The service at the resort was excellent. The staff were amiable and helpful. They made sure my stay was comfortable. Before going, I read positive reviews about Sorobon. My experience matched these reviews. I think Sorobon Beach Resort offers good value for money.


Reflecting on my travels around Bonaire’s all-inclusive resorts, I feel delighted. Each resort had its unique way of showing the beauty and culture of the city. Every place was unique, from the quiet beaches at Sorobon Beach Resort to the luxury at Grand Windsock Bonaire.

I remember the friendly people I met, the delicious meals at each resort, and the peaceful moments I enjoyed. For anyone looking for adventure, relaxation, and genuine Caribbean warmth, Bonaire’s resorts offer unforgettable experiences.

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