The 10 Best Resorts in Oaxaca

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Oaxaca, located in the south of Mexico, is full of history and natural beauty. It is a region where ancient traditions meet Spanish colonial history and modern life. The region is known for its breathtaking mountains, lush valleys and beautiful beaches.

I have always been impressed by the local crafts, such as weaving and pottery, which are still made here just as they were hundreds of years ago. I always find something new to discover every time I visit. During my most recent trip, I made a concerted effort to find the best holiday spots in the region. I wanted to get a real feel for these places to share real experiences with you.

The places I feature in this article will put you in touch with the local culture and beautiful surroundings. They are perfect for getting to know the authentic Oaxaca – from the historical sites and lively markets to the quiet beaches and green landscapes.

Best Resorts in Oaxaca

During my stay at these resorts, I looked at several important factors: the location of the resorts, the atmosphere, the food, the facilities, the service, and the opinion of other guests, as well as my own opinion. I want to show you that each place has something unique to offer, combining comfort with the opportunity to immerse yourself in Oaxacan life.

Dreams Huatulco Resort & Spa

Source: Dreams Huatulco Resort & Spa

The setting of the Dreams Huatulco Resort & Spa impressed me right from the start. It’s surrounded by lush jungle, towering mountains and the breathtaking Tangolunda Bay. The golden beaches and coral reefs are a feast for the eyes – the perfect place for anyone who wants to enjoy the natural beauty of Mexico.

The rooms here reflect the resort’s commitment to making guests feel comfortable and luxurious. My room offered stunning views of the Oaxacan landscapes and was spacious and equipped with all the comforts you could wish for.

Dining at Dreams Huatulco was an adventure. The resort has several restaurants, each offering its unique menu. I particularly enjoyed the Seaside Grill, where the grilled mahi-mahi tastes especially good. The complimentary breakfast at the World Café was also a treat and offered a great selection to start the day.

The resort’s amenities kept me busy and entertained during my stay. There was always something to do, from morning yoga and fitness classes to afternoon activities such as archery, canoeing and windsurfing. Snorkelling here was an unforgettable experience, revealing a world of underwater beauty. The children’s playground, spa, and much more ensured something for everyone.

The service at Dreams Huatulco was exceptional. Their level of care made my stay memorable. Talking to other guests, it was clear I wasn’t alone in my high opinion of the resort. Dreams Huatulco has earned a special place in many visitors’ hearts, from its stunning location to its various activities and excellent food.

The only downside was the limited nightlife options, as the resort’s only bar was closed for maintenance during my visit.

Las Brisas Huatulco

Source: Las Brisas Huatulco

Las Brisas Huatulco immediately struck me as the perfect place for families. The complex has lots of green spaces and gardens, making it feel cosy and spacious at the same time. It’s a place where you can relax in a quiet corner or have fun – all in an environment that combines nature with thoughtful design.

My room was peaceful, offering comfort and a touch of elegance. It was spacious, equipped with all modern amenities and had a balcony overlooking the breathtaking nature. The decor was a nod to the local culture; it was vibrant and welcoming, so I loved coming back every day.

There were plenty of restaurants to choose from on-site, each with its menu and cuisine. I was particularly taken with El Mexicano Restaurant, where the Mole Oaxaqueño stood out with its intense local flavours. The complimentary breakfast was a great start to the day and offered many delicious options.

The amenities provided at this place were fantastic and contributed to some memorable experiences. Snorkelling allowed me to see the colourful underwater world up close, highlighting the resort’s prime beachfront location. The kids’ club and babysitting service were a real plus for families as they entertained the little ones. A highlight for me was a relaxing visit to the spa, which offered a tranquil break from the beach and activities.

Talking with other guests, there was a shared fondness for the resort. From its beautiful location to the variety of activities and the high level of service, Las Brisas Huatulco was well-regarded by everyone I spoke with.

One aspect of the resort that took some getting used to was the dress code enforced at the restaurants.

Secrets Huatulco Resort & Spa

Source: Secrets Huatulco Resort & Spa

The Secrets Huatulco is set in a stunning spot on Conejos Bay, offering a secluded escape. Golden beaches, dramatic rock formations, and clear blue waters surround it. The resort values its beautiful natural surroundings, providing a luxury experience in tune with nature.

My room at Secrets Huatulco was a place of comfort and style. It had a fantastic bay view, modern conveniences, and a chic design. Waking up to the ocean’s sound and the sight right from my window was a daily delight.

The food journey at Secrets Huatulco was a highlight. The Market Café stood out with its varied buffet, and Cin Cin offered an incredible Italian dining experience – the risotto there was unforgettable. Despite the morning rush, the complimentary breakfast at Market Café was worth waiting for, with a wide range of delicious options.

There are plenty of things to do at the resort. Morning fitness classes were a great way to kickstart the day, while the private pools provided a relaxing spot. The nightclub was perfect for lively evenings, and the spa and sauna were ideal for unwinding. A memorable part of my stay was spending an afternoon on the resort’s secluded beach.

The staff at Secrets Huatulco were outstanding, always friendly, attentive, and ready to go the extra mile to make my stay enjoyable. Other guests also enjoyed the stunning views, the variety of activities and dining options at the resort.

The only downside was the long queue for the breakfast buffet. Though the wait was a bit of a hassle, the quality and variety of the breakfast made up for it.

Barceló Huatulco

Source: Barceló Huatulco

From the get-go, Barceló Huatulco welcomes you with its serene atmosphere. Set on a beautiful stretch of beach, it offers a peaceful retreat where the soft sands and calming ocean sounds instantly relax you.

The room I stayed in was a blend of comfort and style. It was spacious, with all the modern comforts you’d expect. The balcony offered stunning sea views. The décor had local touches, making it a cosy haven to return to daily.

Eating at Barceló Huatulco was a real treat. The Agave Restaurant, known for its Mexican dishes, was a highlight. Their Mole Oaxaqueño gave me a genuine taste of local cuisine that was both delicious and memorable. Dining here was a journey of flavours.

The resort has everything you could want for fun and relaxation. The outdoor pool was my go-to for chilling out, while the spa and sauna were perfect for pampering. I enjoyed trying out the mini-golf, which added a playful element to the luxury setting. The water park and tennis court also offered great ways to enjoy the outdoors.

The service at Barceló Huatulco was exceptional. The staff were always friendly and eager to help, ensuring every guest felt welcomed and valued. Chatting with other guests, I found we all shared similar positive experiences.

The only slight issue was finding an available sunbed, which could be tricky. It’s a minor point but something to remember for those planning to spend much time by the pool.

Binniguenda Huatulco All Inclusive Hotel & Beach Club

Source: Binniguenda Huatulco All Inclusive Hotel & Beach Club

From the start, Binniguenda Huatulco welcomes you with old-world charm and contemporary ease. Being the first hotel in the area, it has a particular character and warmth that makes you feel immediately at home. The hotel is designed to fit right into the beautiful natural surroundings, giving off an inviting and authentic vibe.

The rooms here are designed with comfort and a local touch in mind. My room was spacious, equipped with everything I needed, and had a peaceful view. It was decorated in a way that reflected the colourful culture of Oaxaca.

Eating at the resort, offering a taste of local and international dishes, was a real highlight. The Tangolunda restaurant was my go-to for authentic Oaxacan cuisine, where the Mole Negro stood out with its depth of flavour. The complimentary breakfast was also great, with many choices to suit everyone.

The resort’s facilities made sure there was never a dull moment. The evening entertainment, featuring local performers, was particularly memorable, offering a glimpse into the region’s rich cultural traditions. I also treated myself to a massage, an incredibly relaxing experience thanks to the skilled therapist and the calm setting. For those travelling with kids, the babysitting service is a thoughtful addition.

The staff at Binniguenda Huatulco were amazing, always going the extra mile to ensure guests felt welcome and cared for. Everyone seemed to enjoy the resort’s friendly atmosphere, the variety of facilities, and the excellent service.

The only slight downside was the WiFi, which wasn’t always reliable.

Camino Real Zaashila

Source: Camino Real Zaashila

This place, a creation of the famous Mexican Architect Javier Sordo Madaleno, immediately caught my attention with its Contemporary Mediterranean style. The moment I arrived at Camino Real Zaashila, I was struck by its stunning beauty. The resort’s design is like something out of a magazine, with sleek lines and open spaces that perfectly frame the ocean views.

My room was a haven of elegance and comfort. It was spacious, with chic furnishings and all the modern comforts you’d want. The décor was sophisticated yet simple, creating a peaceful spot to unwind after a day of exploring.

The dining experience at Camino Real Zaashila was nothing short of exceptional. I enjoyed dining at Bel La Grill, where the grilled seafood platter was a culinary masterpiece, showcasing the freshest local ingredients. The complimentary breakfast provided a delightful start to the day with a wide selection of dishes catering to every palate.

The resort’s facilities were top-notch. The business centre was handy for catching up on emails, and the babysitting service was a great touch for those with kids. A standout moment for me was using the gym and then relaxing in the spa – it was the perfect way to indulge and relax.

The staff at Camino Real Zaashila made my stay memorable. They were always on hand to help with anything I needed, making me feel truly cared for. People praised the resort’s gorgeous setting, excellent food, and fantastic service.

The only downside was that the resort doesn’t allow visitors in the rooms. While I understand the reasons for this rule, it could be inconvenient for those wanting to meet with local friends or relatives.

Park Royal Beach Resort Huatulco

Source: Park Royal Beach Resort Huatulco

The ambience at Park Royal Beach Resort Huatulco is immediately striking for its blend of natural beauty and luxurious design. With its lush surroundings and views of the clear bay waters, the resort felt like a secluded paradise. My room was spacious and elegantly furnished, with everything needed for a comfortable stay. The balcony view was a highlight, offering a serene panorama of nature’s beauty.

Dining at the Park Royal Beach Resort was an adventure in itself. The variety of on-site restaurants catered to every taste. But it was Italian cuisine at the Trattoria that stood out to me. The star dish, a perfectly cooked Risotto al Funghi, was a culinary delight. Additionally, the complimentary breakfast offered a wide selection of dishes that ensured a delicious start to each day.

The resort’s amenities contributed greatly to my enjoyable stay. The babysitting service was thoughtful for families, while the entertainment staff kept the atmosphere lively and fun. A memorable moment for me was playing tennis, followed by a soothing massage at the spa, which was the perfect way to relax.

Talking with other guests, it was clear that they shared my positive experiences of the resort’s beautiful location, excellent dining, and top-notch service.

The staff here was always ready to help and ensured I had a good stay. From what I’ve read and experienced myself, this resort is well-liked. People praise its beautiful natural setting, available activities, and great service.

The only slight drawback was the occasional language barrier. Not all staff members were fluent in English, and I had to find staff members who could understand me.

Manta Raya Hotel

Source: Manta Raya Hotel

The atmosphere at Manta Raya Hotel is truly unique. Being a boutique place, it feels personal and cosy, with the sound of the ocean waves providing a constant, calming background. The hotel’s position right by the sea, surrounded by nature, creates a quiet, exclusive and relaxing vibe.

My room at the Manta Raya had a massive window stretching from the floor to the ceiling, giving me an uninterrupted ocean view. Waking up to the sunrise over the water each morning was unforgettable. The room’s design was simple, focusing on the beauty of the outdoors.

Eating at the hotel’s restaurant was a highlight of my stay. My best dish was the grilled seafood, freshly caught and cooked to perfection. It showcased the rich tastes of the local cuisine. The complimentary breakfast each morning was also great, with a wide range of tasty options.

The hotel offered plenty of activities that made my stay extra special. I went snorkelling to see the colourful sea life, took a guided hike for some stunning views, and tried my hand at fishing for a peaceful afternoon. I also had a massage, which was incredibly relaxing after a day full of adventures.

The staff at Manta Raya Hotel were excellent. They went above and beyond to ensure my stay was enjoyable. Talking to other guests, everyone was having a great time. Guests praised the hotel’s unique experiences and excellent service.

The only slight drawback was the inability of hotel guests to access the beach directly from the property.

Quinta Real Huatulco

Source: Quinta Real Huatulco

From the moment I arrived at Quinta Real Huatulco, its calm and majestic atmosphere was striking. With its lush surroundings and views of the clear blue waters, the resort immediately felt like an exclusive retreat. The mix of traditional and modern designs in the architecture added to the charm.

My room was a perfect blend of elegance and comfort. The highlight for me was the private balcony, which offered an incredible bay view. It was such a treat to wake up to that view every morning. The room’s decor, with luxurious touches and unique artwork, showed off the care and attention Quinta Real puts into ensuring guests have a memorable stay.

The food at Quinta Real Huatulco was exceptional as well. The food at Quinta Real Huatulco was exceptional. I dined at La Cuija, where the seafood platter, made with fresh local ingredients, was a standout meal. It was delicious and showcased the area’s rich flavours. The breakfast, included with the stay, offered many tasty options to start the day right.

The resort’s amenities truly made my stay special. Relaxing in the hot tub with its private, scenic views was a highlight. The professional massage service was incredibly relaxing. Although the pool had a few missing tiles, its stunning view made up for this minor flaw.

The service at Quinta Real Huatulco was top-notch. The staff were always ready to help, ensuring I felt welcomed and valued throughout my visit. Chatting with other guests confirmed my positive experience wasn’t unique. Everyone I spoke to was full of praise for the resort’s beautiful setting and excellent food.

Villas Fa-Sol

Source: Villas Fa-Sol

The first thing you notice at Villas Fa-Sol is the quiet and private surroundings. Up on a hill gives you stunning ocean views, and access to a private beach lets you enjoy the sea.

My room at Villas Fa-Sol was more than just a place to sleep. The ocean view from my room was excellent, especially with the floor-to-ceiling windows that let you take it all in. The room had a cosy, welcoming vibe, with modern comforts and a touch of local style that made it feel unique.

The food here was a real treat. The resort has its restaurant where I tried some of the best seafood I’ve ever had, freshly caught and cooked just right. Every morning, there was a free breakfast with many choices, both local favourites and familiar international options.

There’s plenty to do at Villas Fa-Sol. I loved exploring the area on a bike I rented from the resort. Trying my hand at fishing was relaxing, and the massage I got was incredibly soothing. Laying out in the solarium was perfect for catching some sun, and snorkelling near the private beach let me see some beautiful fish and coral.

The people working at Villas Fa-Sol made my stay special. Everyone was so kind and eager to help. Talking to other guests, it was apparent I wasn’t the only one who loved it here. People couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful the place was.

The one downside was the loud music around the resort, which sometimes broke the calm atmosphere. While it brought some energy to the place, there were times when I wished for a bit more quiet.


My journey through Oaxaca’s resorts was an adventure into places where luxury blends seamlessly with the wild beauty of nature. Each resort had its unique touch, from exclusive beaches to amazing meals, making every stay unforgettable. The friendly faces and top-notch service I encountered made me feel right at home. Oaxaca has some truly magical resorts, each telling its unique story. Make sure you visit one of these resorts the next time you visit Oaxaca.

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