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I recently visited Samana, a beautiful and lively place in the Dominican Republic. It’s a peaceful and charming spot, famous for its hills, clean beaches, and deep cultural roots. Samana is more than just a place to go; it’s a chance to enjoy the best of nature.

While there, I stayed at several resorts to see what they were like. I’m sharing my experiences to help you pick the best place for your stay. Did you know that more than half the people visiting Samana return? That shows how much people love it here.

I checked out different kinds of resorts, from ones close to nature to those about luxury by the sea. Let’s look into these resorts.

Best Resorts in Samana

Every resort I’ve stayed at offers its own slice of paradise. This isn’t just a review of what I experienced but a thorough evaluation to help you find the perfect place for your vacation.

I’ve rated the resorts on several important factors: location, ambience, food offerings, facilities, and quality of service, not just from what others have written in their reviews but also from my perspective.

Viva V Samana by Wyndham

Source: Viva V Samana by Wyndham

I visited the Viva Wyndham V Samana near the town of Las Terrenas. This resort is peaceful, just the right mix of quiet and easy to get to. The first thing that struck me was how quiet and private it felt, surrounded by beautiful nature and overlooking a stunning beach.

My room at the resort was a lovely mix of modern touches and local style. The bed was super comfortable, perfect for a good night’s sleep, and the balcony had an amazing ocean view. The minibar was well-stocked, and the bathroom was both stylish and spacious, adding to the comfort of my stay.

The food here was a highlight. At Mar y Fuego, the main restaurant, I enjoyed a variety of tasty dishes, all presented beautifully. Mediterraneo offered a more relaxed setting with Mediterranean-style meals. The seafood was quite fresh and delicious. I also loved the beachside bar for its great cocktails and the gorgeous sunset view.

There are plenty of amenities to enjoy at the resort. The outdoor pool was a great place to chill or swim. I found the fitness centre well-equipped for a workout. For relaxation, the spa offered various luxurious and soothing treatments.

The staff at Viva Wyndham V Samana were outstanding. Everyone was so friendly and attentive from the moment I arrived. Talking to other guests and checking reviews, it’s clear I’m not the only one who had a great experience. Many people praised the resort for its fantastic service, excellent food, and quality rooms.

The resort, while beautiful, can feel a bit isolated for those looking for more lively, outside entertainment or local explorations. Its secluded setting means that venturing beyond the resort for shopping or experiencing local nightlife requires a bit of travel.

Bahia Principe Grand Cayacoa

Source: Bahia Principe Grand Cayacoa

On my trip to Bahia Principe Grand Cayacoa in Samana, I was immediately captivated by its stunning cliff-top location. The views of the bay and lush surroundings from here are just incredible. The resort itself has a calm and luxurious feel.

My room here, with its sea view, was wonderful. It was spacious, elegantly decorated, and had everything I needed for a comfortable stay. The bed was comfortable, and I particularly enjoyed the well-designed bathroom.

The food at the resort was a highlight. I often ate at Las Dalias, the main buffet with a great mix of local and international dishes. For seafood, I tried their beach restaurant, an a la carte restaurant, and wasn’t disappointed. The freshness and variety of the food were impressive.

The resort is well-equipped with facilities. I spent a lot of time at the outdoor pool, which was perfect for relaxing. They also have a good fitness centre and a spa with various treatments. If you’re into activities, there’s plenty to do, including golf and water sports.

The service at Bahia Principe Grand Cayacoa stood out to me. The staff were friendly and always willing to help, making my stay more enjoyable. Talking to other guests, everyone seemed to enjoy their stay, especially praising the location and the staff.

One issue some of us agreed on was the wifi, which could be patchy outside the main areas. This might be a problem if you need to stay connected.

Cayo Levantado Resort

Source: Cayo Levantado Resort

My visit to the Cayo Levantado Resort was simply breathtaking. It is located on a private island near Samana and immediately impressed me with its exclusivity and tranquillity. Getting to the island was an adventure, with beautiful views of the ocean all around. The resort was surrounded by lush greenery and peaceful beaches.

My room at the resort had a breathtaking ocean view, making every morning memorable. The room was large, beautifully decorated and had everything you need for a comfortable and luxurious stay.

The food at Cayo Levantado Resort was fantastic. I dined at Palma Real, the main restaurant, where I enjoyed gourmet dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. For a more relaxed meal, I went to Senda restaurant, which had a great selection of local dishes. Each meal here was a delightful experience, showcasing the delicious flavours of the Dominican Republic.

The resort had excellent facilities. Its outdoor pools were perfect for relaxation and enjoying the scenic view. Their spa offers a range of indulgent and rejuvenating treatments. The resort had many activities, including water sports, guided tours, and evening entertainment.

The staff here were very friendly and went out of their way to make my stay memorable. Their warm and attentive service was a big part of what made my experience at the resort so enjoyable. Talking to other guests, I found they also had a great time and especially praised the resort’s unique location.

However, a downside of the resort is its isolation. While it’s great for privacy and tranquillity, you’re limited if you want to visit other attractions in Samana quickly.

Dominican Tree House Village

Source: Dominican Tree House Village

Tucked away in a dense jungle, the Dominican Tree House Village offers a unique experience of being close to nature. The journey there was an adventure, taking me through the beautiful landscapes of Samana. As I arrived, the sounds of the jungle and the sight of quaint treehouses among the trees instantly made me feel peaceful and excited.

Staying in one of the treehouses was an experience I’ll never forget. It was like living in a rustic, cosy cabin in the trees with great forest views. The treehouse had the basic comforts I needed, but what stood out was its openness to the surrounding nature.

The food at the resort was simple but delightful. We ate at the on-site restaurant, El Rancho, an open-air space that felt very communal. The dishes, made with fresh local ingredients, had both Dominican and international flavours. Eating with other guests added to the experience, making every meal feel like a little gathering.

The amenities here are all about enjoying the natural surroundings. There were many activities like yoga, jungle treks, and even zip-lining. My favourite was the swimming pool – a peaceful spot to relax after exploring the jungle.

The hospitality at the resort was warm and genuine. The staff’s knowledge of the local area and dedication to providing a unique experience made my stay particularly special. Talking to other guests, it was clear that everyone loved the unique feel of the place and the way it lets you immerse yourself in nature.

However, some people mentioned that the basic amenities and limited internet might not suit those who prefer more traditional luxury or need to stay connected.

Sublime Samana Hotel & Residences

Source: Sublime Samana Hotel & Residences

The resort is located on the breathtaking coast of Samana and was designed by the renowned architect Antonio Segundo Imbert. It offers a minimalist-modern luxury resort style that is both elegant and welcoming. Surrounded by coconut trees and golden beaches, Sublime Samana Hotel & Residences offers a tranquil and exclusive environment.

My room at Sublime Samana offered incredible ocean views framed by coconut trees and the beach. The spacious and stylishly decorated suite featured a kitchen, a cosy living area and a private balcony overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The elegant furnishings and luxurious amenities made my stay very comfortable and relaxing.

The food focused on fresh, local ingredients. The Bistro, the main restaurant, had a charming wood-panelled and whitewashed interior with large windows and a terrace. I also enjoyed dining at La Palapa, a beachfront restaurant serving breakfast and lunch with fresh seafood and local specialities like ceviches. Plus, the Bar & Lounge at Bar Bistro was a great place to relax with a selection of seasonal drinks and cocktails.

Sublime Samana offered a range of activities and experiences perfect for family gatherings, special celebrations, or simply relaxation by the sea. The interconnecting pools were picturesque, and the spa, with its organic coconut-infused treatments, was a highlight for me.

The resort staff took great care of me, making me feel valued and well looked after. Speaking with other guests, many shared my positive opinion of the resort’s beautiful location, luxurious accommodations and exceptional service.

However, most of the resort staff didn’t speak or understand English very well.

Hacienda Samana Bay Hotel & Residences

Source: Hacienda Samana Bay Hotel & Residences

I stayed at Hacienda Samana Bay Hotel & Residences in Santa Bárbara, Samaná. The place is warm and welcoming, amid gorgeous beaches with white sands and blue waters. I was particularly thrilled by the view of Samaná Bay and the humpback whale sightings, which added a unique touch to the stay​​.

The accommodations ensure a luxurious and comfortable stay, combining elegance with breathtaking natural scenery. My room had a king-sized bed, air conditioning, and a private balcony with a fantastic bay view.

The dining experience was elegant and comfortable, offering a variety of wines. The restaurant served a mix of Caribbean and international flavours prepared by professional chefs. I had the option to dine in an elegant air-conditioned area or an open area that let in the natural breeze​.

Hacienda Samana Bay has multiple amenities including two swimming pools, including a central pool for children, which are perfect for relaxing. The gym was well-equipped with new machines and air conditioning, making workouts comfortable​​​​.

Guest reviews resonated with my experience and praised the charming staff, beautiful rooms, and stunning views. The rooftop bar and pool were standout features. Its location, just a 5-minute walk from the city, added convenience. The underground parking garage was a plus, and the views from the rooms were breathtaking​.

While the hotel offers stunning views of the ocean, it isn’t right on the beach. You need to travel about 2 km to get to the nearest shore.

The Bannister – Hotel & Yacht Club

Source: The Bannister – Hotel & Yacht Club

During my visit to The Banister Hotel & Yacht Club, I was captivated by its stunning waterfront location. The hotel is close to many attractions, including beautiful beaches and national parks. Opened in 2010 and named after the English corsair Jack Banister, the hotel combines casual luxury with stunning natural surroundings.

I stayed in one of the elegantly furnished suites, available in five categories. My suite had a private balcony, a fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning, luxurious bath products, bathrobes, cable TV and other modern amenities. The intimate and personal service made me feel like I was in a boutique.

The food options were varied and delicious. At Ocean Club, I enjoyed modern and authentic cuisine with Dominican dishes, meats, and different pasta and salads, all with views of Samaná Bay and the mountains. La Regatta offered a fun twist on classic Italian dishes inspired by the Amalfi Coast, which I found both unique and delicious. Le Deaville impressed me with its Mediterranean flavours and stunning marina and bay views.

The hotel’s amenities were impressive. There was an infinity pool with amazing views, a games room for children, and a well-equipped gym. The Mee Spa provides exclusive treatments, perfect for relaxation after a workout or tennis game​.

The service at The Bannister was exceptional. The warm, attentive, and professional staff made my stay comfortable and memorable. Their dedication to providing a unique experience was evident throughout my visit.

One thing to consider is that the boutique nature of the hotel might not offer as wide a range of amenities or activities as larger resorts. This could be important for guests looking for a more extensive resort experience.

Cayenas del Mar Beach Club

Source: Cayenas del Mar Beach Club

On my trip to Cayenas del Mar Beach Club in Samana, I was immediately struck by its stunning location on a beautiful sandy beach. The whole place had a feel of relaxed luxury, with a modern yet tropical design. It was so peaceful, with the lush greenery around and the soothing sound of the sea.

My room at Cayenas del Mar was really impressive. It had a contemporary look with a Dominican touch. The king-sized bed was super comfortable, and the room had everything I needed. The balcony had an amazing sea view, perfect for watching the sunrise. The minibar was well-stocked, and the bathroom was spacious and modern.

Eating at the resort was a great experience. Their on-site restaurant served delicious seafood dishes made with fresh local ingredients. The Dominican flavours in every meal were just fantastic.

There were lots of amenities to enjoy at Cayenas del Mar. The infinity pool was my favourite spot, with a beautiful view over the beach. They also had a good fitness centre and a spa offering different treatments. For fun, there were watersports and beach games available.

The staff at Cayenas del Mar were amazing. They were friendly, welcoming, and always ready to help from the start. Their attention to detail and care made my stay special. The personal touch in their service was something I appreciated.

However, the resort is situated atop a hill, which can be challenging to climb.

Wyndham Alltra Samana

Source: Wyndham Alltra Samana

When reaching Wyndham Alltra Samana, I was immediately captivated by its stunning location along a beautiful stretch of Samana’s coastline. The resort had this perfect mix of modern luxury and natural Dominican beauty.

My room at Wyndham Alltra Samana was both comfortable and stylish. It was decorated with a Caribbean touch and had an incredibly comfortable king-sized bed. The balcony had a lovely ocean view, making it my favourite relaxing spot. The room had all the modern amenities in a luxury resort.

The food at the resort was a great experience. The main restaurant, ‘Azul,’ offered a variety of international dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. For a more laid-back meal, I went to ‘Island Grill,’ a beachside grill that served grilled dishes and tropical drinks. Each restaurant had its unique style, and the views were always stunning.

There were plenty of amenities at the resort. The outdoor pool was fantastic, with beautiful views of the sea. I also enjoyed the fitness centre and the spa, which had a wide range of treatments. There were many activities to do, like water sports and beach games, which kept me entertained.

The service at the resort was outstanding. The staff were so welcoming and attentive from the moment I arrived. They went out of their way to ensure my stay was memorable.

However, during my stay at the Wyndham Alltra, I experienced an issue with the fire alarm in my room – it was not functioning correctly.

Albachiara Hotel

Source: Albachiara Hotel

The Albachiara resort is a beautiful place right in front of the beach, and it’s easy to walk into town from there. The hotel is well-placed in Las Terrenas’s heart, offering beachfront beauty and convenience. It’s near Santo Domingo’s airport, which is excellent for travel​​.

The hotel has 36 apartments, and each one is comfortable. My apartment had air conditioning in every room, which kept it nice and cool. It felt like a home away from home with all the comforts I needed for a holiday​.

I enjoyed a free Intercontinental buffet breakfast on a terrace with an ocean view every morning. It was a fantastic way to start the day. There’s also a bar at the hotel, where I could relax and drink in the evenings​​​​.

The swimming pool at the hotel was lovely. It had towels and a whirlpool and used a natural salt system, which I found unique. Plus, the hotel has a 24/7 reception, so I could come and go as I pleased at any hour, which was very convenient​​​​.

Throughout my stay, the service was great. The staff were always helpful and available, especially with the 24-hour reception. It made me feel well taken care of.

One thing to note is that the hotel mainly offers apartments and has limited dining options on-site. This might not suit everyone, especially those looking for a traditional hotel with various in-house dining experiences.


After visiting several resorts in Samana, I found each one to have its own special charm. They offer different experiences, so there’s a perfect spot for everyone. What stood out to me was how each resort embraced the natural beauty of the Caribbean and the local Samana culture. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to relax or somewhere with many activities, you’ll find it here in Samana.

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