The 10 Best Resorts in Tortola

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Tortola, considered the largest of the British Virgin Islands, offers a breathtaking blend of crystal-clear waters and lush, rolling hills. Just over 20 square kilometres, the island is a tourist destination and a vibrant community rich in culture and history.

During my recent trip to Tortola, I discovered some of the most beautiful resorts reflecting this Caribbean paradise’s essence. Each resort was a unique experience that allowed me to savour the different atmospheres – from quiet stretches of beach to luxurious villas in the mountains.

In this report, I share my honest thoughts and experiences with you and go into the intricacies that make each resort special.

Best Resorts in Tortola

My assessment of these resorts is based on several criteria: Location, ambience, food, facilities, quality of service, guest reviews and my own experiences. Here, I’ll share my findings, offering you an honest and firsthand perspective on what makes each Tortola resort stand out.

Sebastian’s on the Beach

Source: Sebastian’s on the Beach

I had the pleasure of staying at Sebastian’s on the Beach in Tortola, and I must say, it was a remarkable experience. The resort’s location is simply unbeatable. It is right on the shores of Apple Bay Beach and offers breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.

The ambience at Sebastian’s is laid-back and inviting. It perfectly captures the essence of an island getaway. I stayed in one of their Beachfront Deluxe rooms and was thoroughly impressed. The room was spacious, tastefully decorated in Caribbean style, and featured a private balcony with jaw-dropping ocean views. The bed was quite comfortable, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

Sebastian’s offers a fantastic on-site restaurant. It serves fresh seafood and international flavours, while the complimentary breakfast menu is perfect for a Caribbean-infused breakfast. The food was delicious, and dining with a beach view made it even more enjoyable.

While not overly luxurious, the resort has everything you need. The highlight, of course, is the beachfront location, but there’s also a lovely freshwater pool for a refreshing swim. They even have a gift shop for souvenirs and a tour desk to help plan your island adventures.

The staff at Sebastian’s were incredibly warm and hospitable. I had the chance to chat with other guests, and it seemed we shared a common appreciation for the resort’s genuine hospitality and the natural beauty of the surroundings. The sense of community among guests made it easy to strike up conversations and share our travel experiences.

While the resort and the rooms were well-maintained, the safe in my room was broken. This was a bit concerning as I prefer a secure place to store my valuables when I’m not in the room.

Fort Recovery Beachfront Villa & Suites Hotel

Source: Fort Recovery Beachfront Villa & Suites Hotel

My recent stay at Fort Recovery Beachfront Villa & Suites Hotel in Tortola was a delightful experience. The resort is perfectly positioned on the southwest coast, offering pretty vistas of the Caribbean Sea and nearby islands. The gentle sounds of the waves and swaying palm trees create a serene atmosphere.

I opted for one of the beachfront villas and couldn’t have been happier. The villa was spacious and beautifully decorated, with a private terrace that led directly to the beach. The vistas were breathtaking, and the villa felt like a luxurious home away from home, complete with modern amenities and a well-equipped kitchen.

Fort Recovery’s on-site restaurant, “Fort Burt,” offers a mouthwatering menu blending Caribbean and international dishes. Dining here was a pleasure, especially with the ocean as a backdrop. In-villa dining was a convenient and romantic option as well.

The resort offers multiple amenities and facilities to enhance your stay. I particularly enjoyed the freshwater pool, which is perfect for a refreshing dip. For those arriving by boat, the private marina is a convenient feature. Additionally, they have a well-equipped fitness centre and a spa for those looking to pamper themselves.

Throughout my stay, the staff made me feel like a valued guest. Any questions or requests I had were promptly addressed, making my stay hassle-free. I also got the chance to chat with fellow guests, and it was heartening to hear their positive feedback. Many shared my enthusiasm for the tranquil atmosphere, well-appointed rooms, and attentive service.

I did experience one minor issue during my stay – the Wi-Fi service was occasionally patchy. This could be frustrating, especially for guests with stable internet connections.

Long Bay Beach Resort

Source: Long Bay Beach Resort

Situated on the west coast, Long Bay Beach Resort offers an unobstructed view of Long Bay Beach’s pristine white sands and crystal-clear waters. The moment I stepped onto the resort, I felt a sense of serenity. The ambience is laid-back and peaceful.

I opted for one of their beachfront rooms, and I was thoroughly impressed. The room was spacious and tastefully decorated, with a private balcony that opened up to mesmerising views of the beach and the ocean. The comfortable bed ensured a good night’s sleep, and the amenities were modern and well-maintained.

I was truly impressed by their dining options. “1748 restaurant” stands out with its delightful blend of international and Caribbean cuisine, offering a culinary delight and a diverse menu. Another gem was “Johnny’s Beach Bar,” where I savoured expertly crafted cocktails and grilled dishes that were simply delectable.

The freshwater pool was a fantastic spot to unwind and take a relaxing swim while soaking in the Caribbean atmosphere. Water sports equipment is readily available for exploring the surrounding waters. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy friendly matches on the tennis and pickleball courts. And when it came time to relax and rejuvenate, the spa offered a range of soothing treatments that left me feeling utterly refreshed.

The staff’s attentive service and warm hospitality left a lasting impression on me. Their local knowledge was a valuable resource for discovering hidden gems on Tortola. While mingling with other guests, I found that many shared my enthusiasm for the resort. They, too, were captivated by the breathtaking location, comfortable accommodations, and exceptional service.

During my stay at Long Bay Beach Resort in Tortola, one drawback I noticed was the absence of a fitness centre. However, the resort’s beautiful natural surroundings offer opportunities for outdoor activities like swimming and walking to stay active during the stay.

Sugar Mill Hotel

Source: Sugar Mill Hotel

My stay at the Sugar Mill Hotel began with its striking location. Situated beside the sea on the Emerald Coast, the resort is set against the backdrop of lush tropical gardens.

The ambience of the Sugar Mill Hotel is something I found truly unique. It’s a blend of colonial, beachy, and rustic elements, creating a romantic and relaxed atmosphere. The hotel’s history as a sugar plantation and a 1640 rum distillery is tastefully embraced in the decor, with old stone pathways and rusted relics.

The rooms at the Sugar Mill Hotel were a highlight of my visit. Recently refurbished in a Caribbean style, each room offered stunning sea views, which I enjoyed from my balcony. The comfort of the king-sized bed was exceptional, and the option of outdoor showers in some rooms added a unique touch.

Dining at the Sugar Mill was a gourmet experience. The resort houses two remarkable restaurants: the Sugar Mill Restaurant for fine dining and Tramonti, a Mediterranean-themed eatery by the water. Each meal was a culinary delight, showcasing a blend of local flavours and international cuisine, which I found to represent the island’s culinary diversity perfectly.

The resort includes tons of activities. The private beach area, the sundeck, and the pool offered a variety of relaxing environments. I was particularly impressed by the spa treatments, which included unique options like papaya and pineapple bamboo polish. The hotel also offered customised experiences such as island tours and champagne picnics.

Echoing the sentiments found in other guest reviews, my personal experience at the Sugar Mill Hotel was exceptional. The blend of luxury, comfort, and attentive service aligned with the positive feedback shared by other guests. This consistency in high-quality experiences is a testament to the hotel’s commitment to excellence​​.

I noticed during my stay at Sugar Mill Hotel in Tortola that the beach was quite small. This might be a bit limiting for those who prefer larger beach areas for activities and relaxation.

Quito’s Gazebo & Luxury Inn

Source: Quito’s Gazebo & Luxury Inn

Located in Cane Garden Bay on Tortola’s North side, Quito’s Gazebo & Luxury Inn offered a picturesque beachfront setting that blended beautifully with the sun, sand, and sea. The ambience at Quito’s was captivating. Each of the 21 suites, named after Quito’s songs, added a unique touch to the stay.

I stayed in the Cool Water Suite, a room that truly defined luxury. The suite offered serene ocean vistas, a spacious living area, and a wraparound balcony with awe-inspiring views of Cane Garden Bay. The master bedroom, complete with a soaking tub, and the loft bedroom with twin beds, provided ample space and comfort.

Dining at Quito’s Gazebo Restaurant was an experience in itself. The fresh seafood, local cuisine, and restaurant atmosphere, especially during happy hours, made every meal memorable. At night, the ambience shifted to one filled with the rhythm of reggae and breathtaking sunsets. Dining on the terrace in my room offered a unique experience too.

The Driftwood Spa at the resort was a haven of calm and relaxation, offering a wide selection of therapeutic treatments. The spa’s focus on holistic well-being was evident in its approach, which combined medical expertise with authentic spa-care experiences. The resort also featured a fitness room, a conference room, and a gift shop, adding to the luxury of my stay​​.

The service at Quito’s Gazebo & Luxury Inn was outstanding. The staff’s friendliness and attentiveness were remarkable, ensuring a comfortable and memorable experience. Echoing the positive reviews of other guests, my experience at the resort was exceptional. The stunning location, luxurious amenities, exceptional dining, and attentive service make it a highly recommended destination in Tortola.

During my stay at the resort, one drawback I observed was that the service at the restaurant was slow. Guests who prefer quicker dining experiences may find the pace a bit frustrating.

Maria’s by the Sea

Source: Maria’s by the Sea

Maria’s By The Sea, in downtown Road Town on Tortola, was a great choice for my stay. It perfectly combined the lively city atmosphere with the calmness of a seaside resort. The mix of modern and traditional styles made the place cosy and inviting.

The variety of rooms at Maria’s By The Sea impressed me. My standard room was tastefully furnished and had a pleasant view of the property.

Dining at the hotel’s restaurant was a highlight. The restaurant, open all day, gave the option of enjoying meals on the seaside patio or in the air-conditioned dining room. The Caribbean and International cuisine were tasty, and the bar, especially during Friday’s Happy Hour, became my favourite spot.

The hotel’s ability to host different events was evident during my stay. I saw the staff organising a wedding, tailoring the event with customisable menu options and flexible event spaces. For business travellers, the hotel’s function space with modern audiovisual equipment and Wi-Fi seemed perfect for meetings.

The service at Maria’s By The Sea was outstanding. The staff was always attentive and friendly and went the extra mile to make sure of a comfortable stay. Their willingness to help with any needs significantly improved my visit.

One thing to consider is the hotel’s urban setting. While it’s central, it might not provide the secluded beach experience some travellers want. Also, being downtown means experiencing the usual city hustle and bustle, especially during peak hours.

Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina

Source: Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina

I visited Scrub Island, and its location, just 1.5 miles from Tortola, impressed me. It’s secluded yet easy to reach. The resort has a peaceful and breathtaking vibe, with lush landscapes and panoramic views adding to the luxury.

The room I stayed in was super fancy. High ceilings, a private balcony, and ocean views were all about tranquillity. The room had comfy stuff like a pillow-top mattress and soft bedding.

Food at Scrub Island was great. Cardamom & Co. had amazing views and tasty flavours influenced by the spice trade. Donovan’s Reef was an open-air spot with cool appetisers and salads. One Shoe Beach Bar & Grill was my go-to for a chill vibe.

The resort’s extras were top-notch. Ixora Spa had fancy treatments, and doing yoga on the terrace with ocean views was refreshing. The gym had all the equipment and fun activities like fishing and snorkelling.

Service at the establishment was excellent. The staff was amiable and always available to assist. Scrub Island was a mix of luxury and adventure, and the service made it super memorable.

One thing to think about is the resort’s secluded spot. It’s peaceful, but visiting other places in Tortola needs some planning. Also, luxury comes at a high price, something to keep in mind.

Peter Island Resort

Source: Peter Island Resort

Arriving at Peter Island Resort was like stepping into a different world. Accessed via a short boat ride from Tortola, the resort’s secluded location on a private island offered an immediate sense of exclusivity. The resort’s design complemented the lush landscapes, pristine beaches, and the peaceful Caribbean Sea.

My accommodation at Peter Island Resort was a luxurious ocean-view room that offered a breathtaking sea panorama. The room was both fancy and comfortable, and there was a balcony where you could feel the calm ocean wind. Every modern amenity I could wish for was available, enhancing the comfort and luxury of my stay.

Dining at the resort was a delight. The main restaurant offered a fusion of international and local Caribbean flavours, all prepared with the freshest ingredients. With its laid-back ambience, the beachside grill became my favourite spot for a casual lunch, accompanied by the stunning backdrop of the sea.

The range of amenities at the resort catered to all my desires. The spa was a haven for relaxation, offering a variety of treatments that rejuvenated both body and mind. For the days I sought activity, the resort provided options like water sports, a game room, hiking trails, and tennis courts. The infinity pools were especially mesmerising as well.

The service at the resort was exceptional. Each staff member I encountered was not just attentive but genuinely warm and friendly. Echoing the sentiments in the guest reviews I had read, my stay at the resort was exceptional.

While staying at Peter Island Resort in Tortola, I observed the patio furniture was withered. This could affect the comfort and aesthetics of outdoor seating. However, it didn’t significantly impact my overall experience.

Nanny Cay Marina & Resort

Source: Nanny Cay Marina & Resort

Situated in the British Virgin Islands, the Nanny Cay Marina & Resort offered me serene waterfront relaxation. It exudes a charm and luxury that resonated deeply with me. Staying in the Seaview wing, I was treated to over 400 square feet of elegantly designed space.

My room in the Seaview wing was spacious, featuring two queen beds, comfortable lounge chairs, and modern amenities like in-room WiFi and TV. The thoughtful design and four-star standard finish provided a luxurious feel. My room’s balcony offered a breezy outlook over the Sir Francis Drake Channel and outer Marina.

The dining experience at Nanny Cay was a true highlight for me. Dining with the stunning views of the Marina added an extra layer of enjoyment to each meal. I particularly enjoyed Peg Legs Restaurant, whose nautical theme and ocean-side setting provided a perfect backdrop for some of my most memorable seafood dishes.

Located within the resort, the freshwater pool is an ideal spot to soak up the Caribbean sunshine and enjoy a refreshing swim. The private beach offered a serene spot to relax, with its tranquil turquoise waters and pristine sands. I appreciated the convenience of free WiFi and computer access, ensuring I stayed connected during my island escape​.

The service and hospitality I received at Nanny Cay were exceptional. Every staff member I interacted with was attentive and warm, ensuring my stay was comfortable and enjoyable. My experience at Nanny Cay aligns with the glowing guest reviews I had read.

During my stay at Nanny Cay Marina & Resort in Tortola, I faced an issue with not having hot water available 24/7. This could be inconvenient, especially for those who prefer constant access to hot water.

The Moorings Yacht Club Hotel

Source: The Moorings Yacht Club Hotel

The hotel was conveniently located across from The Moorings reception, which was ideal for my sailing trips. It’s in the heart of Tortola, giving easy access to local attractions. The hotel is comfy with a touch of Caribbean style after recent renovations.

My room was a comfy haven with free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, USA cable TV, a fridge, and a coffee machine. They even gave complimentary water, which was great in the warm weather.

Dining at the hotel was diverse and enjoyable. The open-air restaurant served local and international food, creating a lively atmosphere, especially during happy hour and weekends with live music. Charlie’s Bar & Restaurant offered a delightful Italian experience, and Island Roots Coffee Shop was great for quick bites and coffee.

The hotel’s amenities were perfect for relaxation and convenience. The pool was refreshing, with lounge chairs, umbrellas, and attentive poolside service. Meeting rooms and banquet areas made it a versatile spot for various events.

My experience matches other positive reviews. The hotel’s central location, comfy rooms, diverse dining, and excellent service made it the ideal choice for my Caribbean stay.

However, being in Road Town made it less secluded and busier than remote resorts. Also, if you’re looking for a traditional beach resort experience, the focus on yachting and sailing might not entirely meet your expectations.


Exploring the best resorts in Tortola has been a journey filled with unique experiences. Each resort offered something special, from the secluded luxury of Peter Island Resort to the lively, yachting-centric Moorings Yacht Club Hotel. Nanny Cay impressed me with its comfortable setting and vibrant marina life, while Quito’s Gazebo & Luxury Inn captivated me with its relaxed, musical vibe.

In Tortola, the variety of resorts caters to all sorts of travellers, making it a perfect destination for anyone looking to experience the distinct flavours of the Caribbean.

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