10 Beautiful Newport Beach Resorts for Your Getaway

Sandra Thomas
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Newport Beach has found a special place in the hearts of many with its peaceful beaches and diverse culture. If you’ve set your sights on this destination, you’ll be pleased to know that the resorts here offer both comfort and memorable moments.

I’ve explored and studied these places to provide genuine insights and details about their offerings. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the resorts in Newport Beach and give you a glimpse of the city’s diverse experiences.

Beautiful Newport Beach Resorts

Newport Beach has clean beaches and gentle waves. I evaluated these resorts based on location, ambience, dining options, available facilities and activities, quality of service and genuine customer feedback.

Balboa Bay Resort

Source: Balboa Bay Resort

Balboa Bay Resort nestles comfortably on the shores of Newport Beach, offering undeniably prime access to the mesmerising Pacific coastline. Upon entering the resort, I was immediately struck by its design inspired by the surrounding coastal landscape.

The interiors have a beautiful mix of sea blues and sandy tones that reflect the beach outside. But what caught my eye were the large windows. Not only do they bathe the room in generous sunlight, but they also offer stunning views of the bay.

Balboa Bay Resort hosts several restaurants on-site. My favourite was the “AO Restaurant“. The seafood dishes here are fresh, and the food overlooking the water is a treat for the palate and the eyes. When I wanted something more relaxed, “The Blend Cafe” was the perfect place for lighter snacks and refreshing drinks.

Staying at Balboa Bay is about more than just having a room. The resort has a plethora of facilities that make the stay worthwhile. I thoroughly enjoyed the well-equipped fitness centre — nothing beats a workout with a view! If relaxation is on your mind, the spa is a sanctuary. Plus, the private beach club is an added feather in its cap. As someone who loves the water, the range of watersport activities made my days eventful.

Service at Balboa Bay Resort deserves a special mention. Every staff member I encountered was attentive, ensuring I felt genuinely welcome. It’s no surprise that numerous guest reviews sing praises of the resort’s commitment to personalising each visit.

However, a point to consider is the resort’s bustling environment, especially during the peak tourist seasons. If you’re after a more secluded coastal experience, the lively nature of this popular spot might be a tad overwhelming.

VEA Newport Beach, A Marriott Resort & Spa

Source: VEA Newport Beach, A Marriott Resort & Spa

Staying at the VEA Marriott in Newport Beach felt like stumbling upon a haven that seamlessly combined urban amenities and coastal tranquillity. Located in the heart of Newport, I was close to the ocean while being a stone’s throw from Newport’s vibrant shopping streets.

The first thing I noticed about the interior was its subtle elegance. The influence of Newport’s beach culture is evident, combining chic elements with a casual seaside atmosphere.

At the VEA Marriott, the food is a real experience. Especially at the “View Restaurant & Lounge“, where every dish is made from fresh Californian ingredients for a delicious taste journey. The tranquillity of the nearby ocean only enhanced the experience. When I was in the mood for a simple snack or a casual drink, the “Edge Bar” was the perfect place with its relaxed atmosphere and various offerings.

The VEA Marriott certainly prioritises guest comfort with its range of facilities. The spa was a personal highlight for me, offering a variety of treatments that provided relaxation and rejuvenation. Fitness enthusiasts would appreciate the well-maintained gym, ideal for those keen on keeping active during their stay. One of the moments I valued most was simply relaxing by the pool, with the expansive ocean in sight, letting the hours pass by.

Service here is not just impeccable; it’s thoughtful. The emphasis on guest comfort is evident from the concierge dishing out the best local secrets to the housekeeping, ensuring your room remains pristine.

The name VEA Newport Beach, A Marriott Resort & Spa, carries with it a legacy, and naturally, expectations run high. While many feel these expectations are well met, some seek the close-knit feeling that often comes with boutique hotels. For these guests, the resort’s larger scale and structured processes might occasionally overshadow the individual touches they desire.

The Resort at Pelican Hill

Source: The Resort at Pelican Hill

Perched on the lush hills of Newport Coast, The Resort at Pelican Hill is a paradise for those who, like me, appreciate sweeping views of the Pacific. The location strikes a balance between coastal tranquillity and easy accessibility.

The distinct sense of elegant sophistication was evident as soon as I entered the resort. The resort’s Mediterranean-inspired design blended seamlessly with the scenic beauty of the California coast, creating an atmosphere that was both upscale and deeply rooted in nature.

Dining at Pelican Hill is an experience I won’t easily forget. The “Pelican Grill“, with its Northern Italian dishes, became one of my favourite restaurants, enchanting me as much as the restaurant’s ocean view. On days when I craved classic American dishes in a relaxed atmosphere, “The Coliseum Pool & Grill“, by one of the largest circular pools in the world, was the perfect place. And when the evening called for a chic cocktail or a snack, I was drawn to “The Great Room Social Lounge“.

Pelican Hill is a treasure trove of facilities. The Coliseum Pool is iconic, and their fitness centre met all my workout needs. But as a golf lover, the two 18-hole courses, set against the coastal backdrop, were the highlight. There’s no chance of a dull moment here; the resort offers many activities tailored to entertain guests of all ages.

Service at Pelican Hill stands apart. Every staff member I interacted with showcased attentiveness and expertise, ensuring I was well cared for. It’s no wonder many guests commend the resort for its impeccable service and fine attention to detail.

While The Resort at Pelican Hill provides a luxurious experience with exceptional views, its elevated position requires a brief trip for direct beach access. If you anticipate immediate access to the beach from your room, this is something to remember.

Hyatt Regency Newport Beach

Source: Hyatt Regency Newport Beach

Just steps from Newport’s glittering marina, the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach sits at the intersection of the city’s vibrant heart and soothing shoreline. The resort beautifully embodies coastal living. It strikes the right balance between the casual beach atmosphere and the renowned Hyatt sophistication. The room was spacious, making me feel right at home. The private balconies or terraces were a wonderful addition.

The food at the Hyatt Regency is simply unforgettable. The flagship restaurant “SHOR” serves American seafood cuisine. With every bite, I noticed the kitchen’s emphasis on using fresh, local produce and capturing the essence of the sea in their dishes. The “Lobby Lounge” is my favourite place for relaxed moments, where you can sip handcrafted cocktails or enjoy light snacks in a simple but chic atmosphere.

The Hyatt Regency ensures that guests have plenty to do. I was spoilt for choice, with three pools providing a different vibe. There is a nine-hole course for golf lovers, and for tennis enthusiasts, there are tennis courts. The fitness centre is very large, and after a good workout, the spa offers a variety of treatments.

True to the Hyatt legacy, service at this Newport Beach establishment was impeccable. Many guests, including myself, appreciated the family-friendly setting and various activities. While the Hyatt Regency might sit on the pricier side compared to a few local alternatives, the enriched experience offers good value for money.

One aspect to bear in mind, though, is the resort’s expansive layout. Some guests have remarked on the distances between various amenities. I found the walk between the pool, my room, and dining venues to be slightly extended at times.

Bay Shores Peninsula Hotel

Source: Bay Shores Peninsula Hotel

The Bay Shores Peninsula Hotel is located right in the vibrant heart of Newport Beach. Thanks to this prime location, I was always just moments away from a quiet cove or the energising oceanfront.

The resort immediately exuded a coastal charm. Everywhere I looked, I saw elements reminiscent of the relaxed elegance of Newport Beach. The beach-inspired décor, with sun-bleached wood accents and nautical elements, seamlessly captures the local beach vibe.

Bay Shores Peninsula doesn’t have a restaurant, but its central location ensures a wide selection of eateries within easy reach. What impressed me most, however, was the morning routine – a complimentary breakfast to get the day off to a good start.

The rooftop terrace held a special place in my heart among the Bay Shores’ facilities. The panoramic view provided the perfect backdrop to relax and reflect. Equally impressive was the attention paid to beachgoers. The hotel provides complimentary beach accessories, from comfortable chairs to soft towels, to make every trip to the beach convenient and enjoyable. The complimentary parking was another highlight, especially in a busy area like Newport Beach.

Bay Shores stood out remarkably in terms of service. Always wearing warm smiles, the staff showed a genuine interest in enhancing the guest experience. From discussions and shared experiences, it’s clear that feedback for Bay Shores leans towards the positive. Many, including myself, appreciated its strategic location coupled with standout service.

The Bay Shores Peninsula Hotel exudes a vintage charm, which, for many, is part of its allure. Yet, this old-school charisma means that some aspects of the hotel might feel a tad dated, especially for those expecting a contemporary resort atmosphere.

Lido House, Autograph Collection

Source: Lido House, Autograph Collection

Located on the famous Lido Isle, Lido House offered me a fascinating insight into the coastal charm of Newport. As I entered Lido House, the seamless fusion of Cape Cod-inspired design with the laid-back luxury of Newport Beach was impossible to miss. The rooms, with their high ceilings and spacious design, were impressive.

My culinary experiences at Lido House were truly memorable. “The Mayor’s Table” showcased dishes that reflected the freshness of the Pacific. The emphasis on fresh seafood and local ingredients came through in every dish. The “Topside Roof Deck” was an absolute highlight – as the only rooftop bar in Newport, it quickly became my favourite spot. The “Crew Coffee Cremerie” was my go-to place for my morning caffeine boost and dessert, keeping me well-fed morning and night.

The Boost Spa at Lido House was a true haven. With tailor-made treatments to relax and rejuvenate, every session was a treat for me. The heated saltwater pool was perfect for a soothing dip, and the nearby cabanas provided the perfect backdrop for cosy relaxation. As a fitness enthusiast, I was impressed by the top-notch facilities in the gym, which ensured that my workout programme was not interrupted.

The moment I stepped into the resort, the sincerity and dedication of the staff struck me immediately. Many guests, myself included, praised Lido House for its perfect mix of class and comfort. The rooftop bar and spa treatments were popular highlights in many conversations and reviews.

Lido House is certainly attractive with all it offers, but not everything is included in the price. If you’re looking for a place where everything is covered, be aware that some extras at Lido House might cost more.

Holiday Inn Express Newport Beach, an IHG Hotel

Source: Holiday Inn Express Newport Beach, an IHG Hotel

Located on scenic Newport Boulevard, the Holiday Inn Express is an ideal base for exploring Newport’s diverse offerings. The hotel exudes a relaxed, modern ambience. The design was both functional and up-to-date, subtly reflecting the coastal character of Newport Beach. The spacious lobby and common areas gave a refreshing sense of openness, so I never felt cramped.

Although the hotel doesn’t have a restaurant, the complimentary Express Start Breakfast Bar quickly became popular in the morning. It offers a wide selection of hot & cold food and was the ideal place to recharge my batteries before my adventures in Newport.

While at the Holiday Inn Express, I enjoyed the numerous amenities that made my stay more enjoyable. The heated outdoor pool was great for swimming or sunbathing. The hotel’s gym offers all the essential workout equipment for those who want to keep up their fitness regimen. And for business travellers, the well-equipped business centre and meeting rooms are greatly beneficial.

A crucial aspect of my time at the Holiday Inn Express was the staff’s unwavering commitment. Their warmth and helpfulness were always a highlight during my stay. I noticed I wasn’t the only one who felt this way; numerous other guests commented appreciatively on the hotel’s prime location and consistent quality of service.

However, a minor adjustment in expectations was needed for someone like me who arrived in Newport Beach hoping for continuous ocean views right from the room. Even though the hotel provides good value for its pricing, it doesn’t mainly feature rooms with clear sea views.

Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas

Source: Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas

The Newport Coast Villas at Marriott sit atop a cliff with stunning sights of the Pacific Ocean. It’s located between Newport and Laguna Beach, and it was like being in the middle of two popular places in Southern California. Walking into the resort, I liked how they combined the Mediterranean design with the coast’s natural beauty. The place was stylish and relaxed simultaneously, just like the typical Southern Californian feeling.

I often went to La Vista Pool Bar & Grill when I got hungry. Its refreshing drinks and tasty Californian menu quickly became my go-to place for leisurely meals. If I just wanted a quick snack or a Starbucks coffee, I went to The Marketplace. They even had fresh ingredients that tempted me more than once to cook something myself in the kitchen of my villa.

At the Marriott Newport Coast Villas, there were plenty of activities to keep you busy. Whether you take a refreshing dip in one of the three outdoor pools, relax in the hot tub or sweat it out on the basketball court, choices are plenty. And if you like golf, the nearby Pelican Hill Golf Club is just there for you.

In keeping with Marriott’s reputation, the resort delivered great service. Everyone I spoke to was friendly & helpful. Many other guests seemed to agree with me and mentioned the resort’s great location, spacious villas and excellent service.

However, even with all the great features and the luxury of the villas, I felt something was missing. The resort doesn’t have a high-end restaurant. So, if you’re hoping for a fancy dinner, you’d need to go elsewhere. While they have good dining options on-site, not having a top-tier restaurant might lessen the full luxury feel for some.

Newport Beach Hotel

Source: Newport Beach Hotel

The prime location of the Newport Beach Hotel is undeniably one of its greatest attractions. Within moments, I found myself on the sandy shores of Newport Beach. I saw that the décor seamlessly blended modern design with subtle maritime inspirations as I entered the hotel. The calming colour palette and rustic wood details reflected the tranquillity of the nearby ocean.

Although I quickly realised no full-fledged restaurant was on the premises, the morning breakfast ensured I started each day off right. For me, the lack of an in-house restaurant had the advantage of allowing me to explore Newport Beach’s delicious dining scene. From cosy cafés to exquisite gourmet restaurants, everything was close by.

The Newport Beach Hotel seemed to focus on providing select, high-end amenities. I was particularly taken with the rooftop lounge, which offers a magnificent view. The direct access to the beach was a real luxury, as I was only a few steps away from the sea. And the added touch of complimentary beach paraphernalia made the experience even more beautiful and enjoyable.

During my time there, I truly felt that the essence of the Newport Beach Hotel was embodied by its staff. Their consistent commitment and genuine warmth added a personal touch to every interaction. As I spoke with other guests and studied some reviews, it became clear that many shared my sentiments, often highlighting the hotel’s prime location, the unique allure of its rooms, and the undeniable appeal of the rooftop lounge.

That said, there was a slight hiccup in my overall stay. The Newport Beach Hotel, with all its amenities, needs to catch up in a couple of areas. I did miss having a fitness centre or a spa on-site. For those who place a premium on wellness, this absence might stand out in an otherwise delightful hotel experience.

Balboa Inn

Source: Balboa Inn

Upon arriving at the Balboa Inn, beautifully positioned along the scenic Balboa Peninsula, I found myself in the middle of the vibrant atmosphere of Newport Beach. The inn’s design is a harmonious blend of Spanish colonial elegance and modern sophistication. As I stepped inside, I immediately realised the house’s rich history, which dates back to the 1920s. However, this old aura has been artfully combined with modern innovations.

For the foodie in me, the “Siena Restaurant” in the inn was a real treasure trove. The menu, heavily influenced by Italian flavours, offers a variety of dishes, all prepared from fresh, local ingredients. I went to “Tacos Cancun” one of the evenings and was pleasantly surprised by the authentic Mexican cuisine.

But the Balboa Inn had more to offer than just culinary experiences. Whether I was taking a refreshing dip in the crystal clear pool or simply basking by the pool under the Californian sun, moments of relaxation were plentiful. What I particularly appreciated was the inn’s direct access to the beach.

The Balboa Inn team stood out for their genuine politeness and professionalism. Conversations with other guests showed that everyone admired the perfect blend of historic allure & modern amenities.

That said, the Balboa Inn’s deep-rooted history, although charming to many, including me, had its nuances. Some areas of the hotel revealed its age, offering a vintage feel that, while delightful, didn’t have the polished touch that some modern places boast. This old-world charm, while a selling point for many, might not align with everyone’s taste.


Exploring the resorts in Newport Beach was like jumping into a treasure chest of experiences. Each place had its history and charm, whether the storied hallways of the Balboa Inn or the modern comforts of Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas.

Whether I was in the mood for a journey back in time, a culinary adventure or a quiet seaside retreat, Newport Beach had just the thing. It’s a city where every traveller can find their piece of paradise.

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