7 Luxurious Guam Resorts for Your Pacific Island Getaway

Sandra Thomas
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Nestled in the heart of the Pacific, it’s a spot that surprised me with its sandy beaches and rich local culture. Last year, Guam welcomed over 1.6 million visitors. During my visit, I took a tour of some of the island’s top luxury resorts, and believe me, they’re worth the hype.

So, if you’re thinking of a Pacific Island trip, read on. I’ll share my honest thoughts on each resort I visited.

Luxurious Guam Resorts for Your Pacific Island Getaway

On my latest trip to Guam, a slice of Pacific paradise, I had the opportunity to stay at some of its most luxurious resorts. But how do they stack up? I’ve graded them based on their location, ambience, dining, amenities, service quality, and guest reviews. Plus, I’ve thrown in my own two cents.

Dusit Thani Guam Resort

Source: Dusit Thani Guam Resort

Upon my arrival in Guam, the allure of the Dusit Thani Guam Resort’s prime location was immediately evident. Perched majestically atop Tumon Bay, this resort offers unobstructed views of the sparkling Pacific. The resort seamlessly mixes traditional Thai elegance with Pacific Island charm.

As for my room, it was a haven in itself. Spacious impeccably designed with a blend of modern amenities and traditional touches, and the view from my ocean-facing balcony was something I’d wake up early just to soak in. The attention to detail, from the plush bedding to the roomy bathrooms, made every moment in the room feel indulgent.

The dining experience at Dusit Thani left me spoiled for choice. I started my day with a sumptuous breakfast at Aqua, where the buffet spread was an eclectic mix of continental and regional delicacies. For dinner, Alfredo’s Steakhouse became my favourite haunt, serving up sizzling steaks that rivalled any I’ve had before. I also tried Soi one evening, and the authentic flavours transported me straight to the streets of Bangkok.

The amenities at the resort catered to every whim of mine. From a state-of-the-art fitness centre to a spa that offered rejuvenating treatments inspired by traditional Thai wellness rituals, there was no end to the luxury. The infinity pool, overlooking the bay, became my go-to spot after a day of exploring.

Every staff member greeted me with genuine smiles, from the concierge to the housekeeping team. They went above and beyond to ensure my comfort. During my stay, I chatted with a few fellow guests, and the consensus was unanimous — Dusit Thani Guam Resort is a jewel on the island. Many raved about the scenic views, while others, like me, couldn’t stop praising the culinary delights.

While my overall experience at Dusit Thani Guam Resort was good,  one downside was that the safe lock box in my room wasn’t functioning properly.

Hyatt Regency Guam

Source: Hyatt Regency Guam

Nestled along the shores of Tumon Bay, my stay at the Hyatt Regency provided immediate access to both the serene beaches and the bustling heart of Guam’s entertainment and shopping districts. The resort seemed to have effortlessly blended the natural beauty of its surroundings with its design. Lush greenery and soothing water features echoed the island’s charm throughout the property.

My room at the Hyatt felt like a cosy hideaway. The modern look, with a hint of local flavour, gave it a personal touch. Every morning, I was greeted by breathtaking ocean views from my balcony. And, honestly, between the comfortable bed and the roomy bathroom, it was a treat just unwinding there.

During my stay at the Hyatt, I had the opportunity to indulge in various delicious culinary experiences. The Café, in particular, stood out for its diverse buffet of international and local dishes. Al Dente Ristorante offered delectable Italian flavours for those special evenings, and Niji Japanese Restaurant satisfied my sushi cravings with fresh ocean catches.

The resort’s amenities ensured there was never a dull moment. The sprawling pool complex, with water slides and cabanas, became my daytime retreat. The on-site spa offered treatments that rejuvenated my senses. Whereas the fitness centre, boasting modern equipment, kept my routine uninterrupted.

Their impeccable service truly set my stay apart at the Hyatt Regency. Every interaction, from the reception to the room service, was marked by genuine warmth and efficiency. Interacting with fellow travellers during my stay, it was clear that the resort had left a positive impression on many. While some praised the proximity to Tumon Bay’s attractions, others were vocal about their love for the on-site dining options.

The room cleaning service wasn’t as consistent as I’d have liked during my stay at the Hyatt Regency Guam.

The Westin Resort Guam

Source: The Westin Resort Guam

The first thing that struck me about The Westin Resort Guam was its prime position along the Tumon Bay coastline. Walking into the resort, there was an immediate sense of peace. The open spaces, abundant natural light, and soothing decor exuded a calmness mixed beautifully with the lively Tumon outside.

My room at The Westin felt like my own peaceful retreat. Its simple elegance and cosy furniture were perfect for chilling out. Every morning, the sound of waves and the sea view from my balcony were the highlights I couldn’t wait to wake up to.

Food at The Westin was an adventure in itself. Taste offered a diverse buffet for breakfast that catered to my every craving. When the evening came, I often found myself at the Mix, savouring their delightful international cuisines. And for those moments I wanted a taste of the sea, Issin Japanese Restaurant provided fresh sushi and more that hit the spot every time.

There was always something to indulge in between the infinity pool, the state-of-the-art fitness centre, and the spa. I particularly enjoyed the spa treatments, which left me feeling rejuvenated and ready to explore more of what Guam had to offer.

What truly made my stay memorable was the attentive service. Their dedication to guest satisfaction was evident in every interaction. Chatting with other guests during my stay, I found many echoing my sentiments. They, too, were impressed by the resort’s offerings and services.

One downside I encountered at The Westin Resort Guam was the inconsistent hot water supply in the shower.

Rihga Royal Laguna Guam Resort

Source: Rihga Royal Laguna Guam Resort

The Rihga Royal Laguna Guam Resort felt like a strategically placed jewel in the picturesque Tumon Bay. I loved its accessibility to the shimmering beach and its proximity to Guam’s lively entertainment and shopping hubs. The interiors, adorned with subtle island motifs, alongside modern architecture, encapsulated the spirit of Guam.

My room was a blend of comfort and luxury. The plush bedding, spacious layout, and contemporary amenities catered to all my needs. But what truly stole the show was the mesmerising view of the Pacific waters.

Culinary delights awaited at every turn. Mornings began with a lavish spread at La Cascata, serving local delicacies and international favourites. For those special dinner nights, The President offered a fine dining experience that was hard to forget. At the same time, the Oasis bar catered to my grilled food cravings with an ocean backdrop.

Whether I wanted to relax by the pool, rejuvenate at the spa, or keep up with my fitness routine at the gym, the resort had me covered. With its island-themed layout, the expansive pool became a frequent spot for my afternoon lounges.

Every staff member went the extra mile to ensure comfort, always greeting with a smile and attending to requests promptly. Interactions with fellow guests revealed a shared sentiment: satisfaction. Many appreciated the resort’s dining experiences, while others lauded the comfort of the rooms.

At the Rihga Royal Laguna Guam Resort, I experienced some hiccups with the room service, which left me a bit frustrated.

Guam Plaza Resort & Spa

Source: Guam Plaza Resort & Spa

Nestled in the heart of Tumon, Guam Plaza Resort & Spa offers a prime spot that’s both convenient and captivating. The blend of modern aesthetics with island-inspired touches created an atmosphere of relaxed luxury. Everywhere I looked, there was a beautiful harmony between the island’s natural beauty and the resort’s design.

My room was a delightful place of comfort. Beyond the essentials, thoughtful touches like local artwork and a balcony view of the bay made it feel special. The sunsets witnessed were nothing short of breathtaking.

Taste buds were in for a treat at this resort. Mornings started with a hearty breakfast at Rootz Hill’s Grillhouse, where I sampled a fusion of local and international dishes. For casual bites, the on-site Sails BBQ provided a relaxed setting with grilled delights. And when I craved authentic island flavours, Nana’s Café had a menu that always hit the spot.

The resort had many amenities, but the one I found most indulgent was the JP Superstore on the property, making shopping a breeze. The spa was a sanctuary of relaxation, while the water park was a delightful addition, adding a splash of fun to my afternoons.

Every staff member I encountered exuded warmth and professionalism. Their attentiveness and dedication to ensuring a memorable stay were evident. Small gestures, like personalised recommendations or swift responses to requests, made me feel truly valued. Many guests shared their delightful dining experiences, while others praised the hospitality. These conversations only reaffirmed my positive views.

At the Guam Plaza Resort & Spa, one drawback I noticed was the lack of complimentary wifi, which was a bit of an inconvenience during my stay.

Onward Beach Resort

Source: Onward Beach Resort

The Onward Beach Resort is beautifully perched along the coastline, granting immediate access to the pristine beaches of Guam. Situated in Tamuning, the resort provides an ideal base to explore both local attractions and hidden gems. The elegant blend of traditional Guam architecture with contemporary designs lent an atmosphere of relaxed sophistication.

My room was a delightful haven of comfort. Featuring island-inspired decor, it offered a warmth and charm that resonated with the surrounding environment. The soft hues, plush bedding, and a balcony offering panoramic views of the Pacific made each morning and evening a special experience.

One of the highlights of my mornings was the complimentary breakfast, which ensured a delightful start to each day. The spread was generous, offering a mix of continental classics and local delicacies. For evenings with a laid-back atmosphere, the Le Premier offered an abundant buffet of island delights. It captured the true essence of Guam’s rich culinary heritage.

What stood out about Onward Beach Resort was its sprawling water park, complete with slides and a lazy river – an absolute hit for both the young and young-at-heart. The spa treatments, inspired by local traditions, also provided a much-needed rejuvenation.

The resort’s staff was its true treasure. Every interaction showcased their commitment to ensuring guests felt at home. Chatting with fellow guests over breakfast or during leisurely evening walks, it was evident that many shared my sentiments. Praises ranged from the delectable dining experiences to the unparalleled ocean views and heartfelt service.

During my stay at the Onward Beach Resort, I couldn’t help but notice that some of the furniture in my room felt a bit on the older side, showing signs of wear.

Dusit Beach Resort Guam

Source: Dusit Beach Resort Guam

Dusit Beach Resort Guam enjoys a prime spot right in the heart of Tumon Bay. The resort radiated an unmistakable aura of Thai elegance, merging seamlessly with Guam’s tropical charm. From the intricately carved wooden accents to the fragrant orchids adorning the lobby, the ambience was inviting. 

In my room at Dusit, I felt truly at ease. The Thai silk cushions brought vibrant splashes of colour, contrasting nicely with the room’s calm tones. The up-to-date amenities made my stay comfortable. But the balcony, with its breathtaking views of Tumon Bay, became my favourite spot.

At Dusit, every meal was a treat. Breakfast at Palm Café was a mix of Thai and global flavours. I enjoyed laid-back lunches at Beach House Grill and savoured diverse international dishes for dinner at Tabu. I could tell they took pride in their food.

The resort’s infinity pool was an absolute gem, merging seamlessly with the horizon of Tumon Bay. With its traditional Thai treatments, the on-site spa became my haven of rejuvenation. The state-of-the-art fitness centre ensured that workout routines remained uninterrupted for those looking to stay active.

The staff showed the spirit of Thai hospitality – gracious, attentive, and ever-smiling. Every request, be it a late-night snack or a booking at a local attraction, was met with promptness and warmth. Casual conversations with fellow guests echoed my sentiments. The recurring themes were the resort’s impeccable service and the delightful dining experiences.

I found the wifi at Dusit a tad disappointing. It lacked the speed and strength I was expecting.


Having journeyed through some of Guam’s most luxurious resorts, I can genuinely say that the Pacific Island offers more than just picturesque landscapes. Each resort provided a unique blend of hospitality, ambience, and world-class amenities, making my stay memorable.

Guam’s resorts cater to every whim, whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure. If you’re considering Guam for your next getaway, you’re in for a treat.

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