9 Remarkable Resorts in Louisiana for a Southern Retreat

Sandra Thomas
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Louisiana is a charming Southern state, rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. From its vibrant Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans to the serene bayous and wetlands, this state offers a captivating blend of experiences.

I’ve had the privilege of travelling around this unique state, taking in its deep-rooted culture and unmistakable charm. Over the past year, I’ve visited a handful of resorts, each offering a different slice of that southern comfort.

In this article, I’ll share my insights from these stays, ensuring you understand what to expect from these southern retreats.

Remarkable Resorts in Louisiana for a Southern Retreat

Whenever someone mentions Louisiana, my mind instantly drifts to its lively music, soulful food, and the warmth of its people. Over the last year, I’ve been trying to find the best resorts this southern gem offers.

I’ve graded each based on location, ambience, dining, amenities, and service quality. Not to forget, I’ve considered the honest words of fellow guests and sprinkled in my experiences from each visit.

Hotel Le Marais

Source: Hotel Le Marais

Nestled in the heart of New Orleans, Hotel Le Marais is a stone’s throw away from the famed Bourbon Street. The moment I stepped out, I was immediately embraced by the city’s rich history and vibrant energy. The resort’s atmosphere combines modern and classic French elegance with tasteful artwork adorning the walls.

My stay in one of their boutique rooms was comfortable. The decor spoke of understated luxury, and the room had all the modern amenities one could wish for. Every morning, I woke up to a stunning view of the city’s timeless beauty, surrounded by soft lighting and plush bedding.

The hotel boasts an on-site bar, Vive!, which became my regular haunt. Apart from the classic cocktails, they serve a mean Sazerac, a nod to New Orleans’ heritage. While Hotel Le Marais doesn’t have a restaurant, its prime location ensures you’re never far from some of the city’s best eateries.

Beyond the rooms and dining, I was particularly impressed with the range of amenities on offer. From the modern fitness centre, which I admittedly only visited once, to the serene pool area, I felt well catered to. The free Wi-Fi was a lifesaver, allowing me to keep up with work and share snippets of my journey with friends back home.

The true gem of Hotel Le Marais is its staff. Their impeccable service, always delivered with a warm smile, made me feel at home. I wasn’t the only one smitten with the place. Chatting with fellow guests over breakfast, I found many echoing my sentiments.

During my stay at Hotel Le Marais, I couldn’t help but notice that the carpet in the elevator needed a good clean. It seemed a bit out of place, given the overall elegance of the hotel.

Margaritaville Resort Casino

Source: Margaritaville Resort Casino

Located in the bustling city of Bossier, Margaritaville Resort Casino stands as a beacon of relaxation amidst the urban backdrop. Positioned right on the Red River, I was treated to peaceful waterfront views that contrasted beautifully with the city’s skyline. The resort exudes a tropical vibe, with hints of Jimmy Buffett’s signature style.

I settled into one of their plush suites. Spacious and adorned with subtle nautical touches, the room boasted floor-to-ceiling windows that provided panoramic views of the Red River. The attention to detail, from the soft linens to the modern amenities, made my stay exceptionally comfortable.

For food enthusiasts like me, Margaritaville is a culinary delight. One evening, I dined at the ‘World Tour Buffet’, where global cuisine meets southern comfort. Another night, I treated myself to ‘Jimmy’s Seafood & Steak’, where the catch of the day became my plate’s star. And for lighter bites or a cocktail, the ‘It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar’ became my go-to spot, offering a relaxed ambience perfect for winding down.

Beyond the dining and rooms, I was thoroughly impressed by the resort’s many amenities. The on-site casino was an exciting world, and even as a casual gambler, I found it thrilling. With its island-inspired design, the outdoor pool was ideal for an afternoon dip.

What truly made my stay memorable was the warm hospitality of the staff. The staff’s attentiveness was commendable as they made sure to cater to every need, no matter how small. Over casual conversations, I found fellow guests echoing my sentiments. A family from Colorado particularly praised the kid-friendly amenities.

During my time at the Margaritaville Resort Casino, I noticed the age of some of the slot machines. They felt a bit outdated and could use a refresh to match the resort’s modern appeal.

L’Auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles

Source: L’Auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles

Perched elegantly beside the serene Lake Charles, L’Auberge Casino Resort offers a refreshing escape from the daily hustle. The resort seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with touches of local artistry. The grand lobby, with its high ceilings and elegant chandeliers, set the tone for my stay.

I was fortunate to reside in one of their Marquis Suites, which epitomises comfort. The room was spacious, well-appointed, and featured a private balcony, and I woke up to the sounds of nature while looking over to their golf course.

Food is an experience at L’Auberge. I frequently dine at ‘Ember Grille & Wine Bar‘, where the steak is nothing short of divine. For a more casual setting, ‘Favorites Southern Kitchen’ became my go-to, offering a delightful twist on classic Southern dishes. And for those evenings when I craved Asian cuisine, ‘Asia’ didn’t disappoint with its authentic flavours.

Beyond its rooms and gastronomy, L’Auberge boasts a plethora of amenities. With its expansive gaming floor, their casino was a hub of excitement. However, their pool area, aptly named ‘Lazy River’, became my sanctuary, offering a leisurely float amidst tropical landscaping. What truly stood out, though, was their award-winning golf course.

The staff at L’Auberge truly understand Southern hospitality. Whether I had a request or sought local recommendations, their assistance was prompt and gracious. As I mingled with other guests, the praises for L’Auberge were unanimous. A group of friends from Texas lauded the golf course’s pristine condition.

At Margaritaville Resort Casino, I was looking forward to a warm shower, but to my surprise, the water was quite cold. It was a minor hiccup in my otherwise enjoyable stay.

Bally’s Shreveport Casino & Hotel

Source: Bally’s Shreveport Casino & Hotel

Situated in the heart of Shreveport, Bally’s is a jewel that shines brightly amidst the cityscape. Nestled close to the Red River, the views from the hotel are serene. Modern designs infused with a touch of classic luxury set the mood of the resort. The soft lighting and subtle decor created a sophisticated yet inviting environment.

My room was a delightful blend of comfort and style. The plush bedding offered a good night’s sleep, while the floor-to-ceiling windows afforded me a captivating view of Shreveport. The amenities in the room were thoughtfully chosen to provide everything I needed.

At Bally’s, I was genuinely impressed by the food. ‘The Vintage‘ served up some incredible steaks, easily some of my best. Whenever I was in the mood for something laid-back, I headed to ‘Sportsman’s Paradise Cafe‘, which had a great mix of dishes. And when I fancied Asian cuisine, ‘The Noodle Bar‘ hit the spot every time.

Bally’s wasn’t just about plush rooms and tasty food. I spent some fun hours at their buzzing casino, which included games to suit both novices and seasoned players. The fitness centre was well-equipped, ensuring I didn’t miss out on my daily workouts. At the spa, I truly treated myself to some much-needed relaxation.

What truly set Bally’s apart was its impeccable service. The staff, ever attentive and cordial, made sure my stay was flawless. Whether I needed dining recommendations or assistance with my room, their professionalism and genuine warmth stood out. Conversations with fellow guests reinforced my positive impressions. A business traveller from Atlanta was all praises for the conference facilities.

During my stay at Bally’s Shreveport, I noticed a minor issue with room service. To my surprise, my order wasn’t complete when delivered to my room.

Hotel Monteleone

Source: Hotel Monteleone

Nestled in the heart of New Orleans’ historic French Quarter, Hotel Monteleone offered me a prime spot to experience the city’s vibrancy. The hotel exudes a classic charm with its grand lobby and ornate decor, reminding me of the rich history it’s been part of for over a century. It seamlessly blends tradition with modern comforts.

My room felt like a luxurious escape. I loved the comfortable bed, the old-world furniture, and that amazing view of the French Quarter. It had this classic charm but still had all the modern touches I needed.

The culinary experience at Hotel Monteleone was a journey in itself. ‘Criollo‘, the on-site restaurant, offered a delightful fusion of local flavours and international cuisines. Each dish I tried was a testament to New Orleans’ rich culinary history. For lighter fare or a classic cocktail, ‘The Carousel Bar & Lounge‘ became my go-to spot, with its iconic revolving bar and lively atmosphere.

Hotel Monteleone certainly didn’t fall short on amenities. The rooftop pool was a highlight, providing a refreshing escape with a panoramic city view. Their spa was where I indulged, offering treatments that rejuvenated both mind and body.

The soul of Hotel Monteleone, for me, was its unparalleled service. Staff members, always with a warm smile, seemed genuinely invested in making my stay perfect. Chatting with other guests, I found a shared sentiment of satisfaction. A couple from Texas particularly praised the authenticity of the hotel, remarking how it felt genuinely ‘New Orleanian’,

However, during my stay at Hotel Monteleone, I faced some trouble with the valet parking service.

Golden Nugget Hotel

Source: Golden Nugget Hotel

Located in Lake Charles, the Golden Nugget was a delightful retreat away from the bustling city. The first thing I noticed about the Golden Nugget was its elegant design. Modern touches combined with Southern charm gave it a unique atmosphere.

My stay in the room was pure comfort. The spacious layout, contemporary design, and a balcony with a lake view truly set the tone. It was my own little sanctuary, complete with all the amenities I could ask for.

When it came to dining, Golden Nugget offered various options that catered to my every craving. ‘Landry’s Seafood House‘ was a treat for fresh, local seafood. ‘Vic & Anthony’s‘ became my favourite for its top-notch steaks. And for a casual bite, I often popped into ‘Grotto‘, where Italian dishes felt like home-cooked meals.

The hotel didn’t hold back on amenities. My highlight was their sprawling pool area – perfect for a lazy afternoon. There’s also a well-equipped fitness centre for those morning workouts and a casino that provides hours of entertainment.

The staff at the Golden Nugget made me feel genuinely welcomed. From the front desk to housekeeping, everyone I interacted with was attentive. While there, I chatted with a few fellow guests. An American couple was full of praise for the pool area, while a group from Canada was particularly impressed by the diverse dining options and the warmth of the staff.

During my stay at the Golden Nugget Hotel, I did notice some rust on the shower fixtures in my room.

Old No. 77 Hotel

Source: Old No. 77 Hotel

Tucked away in the heart of New Orleans, the Old No. 77 Hotel is a stone’s throw from the French Quarter. Its location meant I was always within a short walk from the vibrant music, culture, and nightlife that New Orleans is famed for. The hotel seamlessly blends its historic roots with chic, modern aesthetics. Rustic wooden beams, exposed brick walls, and curated artwork echoed tales of the past.

My room was a delightful mix of the old and the new. Vintage furnishings were thoughtfully paired with modern amenities, ensuring comfort without compromising character. Large windows let in the New Orleans sunshine, adding to the room’s warmth and charm.

The on-site restaurant, ‘Compère Lapin‘, was an absolute culinary gem. Led by Chef Nina Compton, the menu offered a fusion of Caribbean and Creole flavours. Every meal I had was an adventure, with the gumbo and ceviche being particular standouts. ‘Tout La Coffee‘ was perfect for casual sips and snacks.

While the Old No. 77 has a historical feel, it doesn’t skimp on modern comforts. I appreciated the hotel’s free Wi-Fi, fitness centre, and the available in-room spa services. It might not have the extensive amenities of larger resorts, but what it offers is curated and of high quality.

The staff, from the concierge to the waitstaff, ensured my time was special. Their local recommendations and attention to detail genuinely enhanced my New Orleans experience. During my time there, I mingled with a few other guests. A European couple mentioned how they loved the place’s unique charm and appreciated its proximity to the French Quarter.

During my stay at the Old No. 77 Hotel, I was surprised that my room didn’t have a coffee maker.

Royal Sonesta New Orleans

Source: Royal Sonesta New Orleans

The Royal Sonesta New Orleans, nestled right on Bourbon Street, was like having a front-row seat to the heartbeats of the city. The hotel exudes elegance with its classic architecture, lush courtyard, and sparkling fountains. The live jazz that often echoed in the background added a touch of authentic New Orleans charm.

My room was an elegant retreat. It was spacious and comfortable, decked out in rich fabrics and classic furniture. The balcony overlooking the lively streets was a personal highlight, allowing me to soak in the local atmosphere whenever I wished.

Dining at The Royal Sonesta was a treat for the senses. ‘Desire Oyster Bar‘ became a favourite spot of mine for its fresh seafood and iconic po’boy sandwiches. For those evenings when I craved upscale Creole cuisine, ‘The Revolution’ was a culinary delight. And ‘Le Booze’, with its atmospheric setting, was perfect for evening drinks.

The hotel catered to a range of needs with its outdoor pool, state-of-the-art fitness centre, and even an on-site jazz club, ‘The Jazz Playhouse’, which was a magnet for music lovers like me. The business centre and meeting rooms ensured guests on work trips were well-accommodated.

What truly set The Royal Sonesta apart was its warm and attentive staff. During breakfast or at the jazz club, guests shared overwhelmingly positive sentiments. A couple from Toronto raved about the hotel’s prime location, while a family from London couldn’t stop praising the on-site dining options.

While staying there, I couldn’t help but notice the vintage charm carried by the furniture and rugs. I found it quite appealing. While I appreciated this nod to tradition, some guests might find it a tad dated.

Hilton New Orleans Riverside

Source: Hilton New Orleans Riverside

Nestled by the Mississippi River, my stay at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside felt like I was in the city’s beating heart. The moment I stepped into the Hilton’s lobby, I was greeted by a mix of modern elegance and Southern hospitality. Grand chandeliers hung from the ceilings while the subtle sounds of jazz played in the background, immediately immersing me in the true New Orleans spirit.

My room was a lovely blend of comfort and style. After a long day of exploring, a plush king-sized bed beckoned, and the room’s panoramic windows offered a mesmerising view of the river. The muted gold and green accents against a backdrop of creamy walls reminded me of the city’s rich history and culture.

My culinary adventures within the hotel were truly memorable. ‘Drago’s Seafood Restaurant‘ treated me to some of the best-charbroiled oysters I’ve ever tasted, while ‘River Blends Café‘ became my morning go-to for a cup of rich, aromatic coffee and freshly baked pastries. For those evenings when I felt like unwinding with a drink, ‘Spirits Bar’ served up some expertly crafted cocktails.

The Hilton New Orleans Riverside left no stone unturned regarding amenities. Their two outdoor pools were the perfect places to relax and soak up some sun. The fitness centre, boasting state-of-the-art equipment, ensured I kept up with my exercise routine. And, the tennis court truly stood out – an unexpected but delightful addition.

The staff were the true stars of my stay. They always had a smile and were eager to help, making me feel welcome and at home. The sentiment was unanimous during my interactions with other guests – the Hilton Riverside was a hit. Many lauded its prime location and the sheer comfort of the rooms, while others couldn’t stop raving about the food at Drago’s.

While I adored my stay at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, the nearby train was a surprise. It passed close to the hotel and whistled about 3-4 times during the night. Some might find it charmingly authentic, but it interrupted my sleep several times.


After traversing the breadth of Louisiana and experiencing its many resorts, it’s clear that the Southern charm is alive and well in each retreat. From the bayous to the bustling city centres, every resort has its own unique flavour, offering both luxury and a hearty dose of local culture. It’s been a journey filled with memorable stays and Southern warmth. If you’re planning a trip, trust me, Louisiana won’t disappoint.

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