10 Rosarito Resorts for Your Baja California Getaway

Sandra Thomas
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I’ve always had a soft spot for Rosarito. It’s a little Baja California town known mostly for its beautiful beaches and friendly locals. Last summer, I decided to look closely at some of the resorts there. Quite a few! What struck me the most? The genuine warmth and hospitality.

No wonder this place drew over 500,000 visitors last year. In this review, I’ll share some personal tidbits from my visits.

Rosarito Resorts for Your Baja California Getaway

When I first stepped foot in Rosarito, I was immediately taken in by its unique charm. Nestled in Baja, California, this town boasts some pretty spectacular resorts. I graded them based on their location, ambience, dining, amenities, service quality, and guest reviews. And, of course, a pinch of my perspective.

Rosarito Beach Hotel

Source: Rosarito Beach Hotel

Stepping into the Rosarito Beach Hotel for the first time, the immediate sensation was one of history mixed with modern comforts. The hotel exudes a classic elegance. You get the feeling that its walls could tell a hundred tales, possibly of the many celebrities who’ve frequented it over the decades. However, the interiors are modernised enough to offer contemporary comforts amidst this rich history.

My spacious and tastefully decorated room boasted a balcony that became my favourite spot for evening musings. It’s worth noting that each room seemed to have its character, blending the classic with the contemporary. The beds were utterly comfortable as well.

For dining, there are a couple of on-site restaurants that stand out. ‘Azteca’ offers a delightful mix of traditional Mexican dishes, while ‘Chabert’s’ serves elegant international cuisines. I found myself particularly fond of the fresh seafood options at ‘Azteca’, a testament to Rosarito’s coastal bounty.

The resort is brimming with amenities. From a rejuvenating spa to a spacious pool area, it caters to those seeking relaxation and recreation. There’s a well-equipped gym for fitness enthusiasts and a fun-filled kids’ zone for the little ones.

The staff, warm and attentive, added greatly to the experience. They seemed genuinely committed to ensuring guests felt at home. While my experience was largely positive, I did take a moment to gauge the perspectives of fellow travellers. Many echoed my sentiments about the hotel’s prime location and service excellence.

During my stay, the age of the Rosarito Beach Hotel, nearing its 100-year mark, became quite apparent. Notably, several elevators were out of commission, leading to some inconveniences.

Las Rocas Resort & Spa

Source: Las Rocas Resort & Spa

Nestled a stone’s throw away from the sea, it offers an unparalleled view of the Pacific. The resort provides a tranquil vibe. With its cliff-side setting, the panoramic ocean views are nothing short of mesmerising. The architecture, inspired by Mexican heritage, is complemented by modern touches.

My accommodation at the resort was comfortable and spacious. The rustic décor, with wooden finishes, added a cosy touch, making me feel instantly at home.

The culinary journey at Las Rocas was delightful. ‘Ursula‘, with its authentic Mexican spread, quickly became a favourite. For those evenings when I fancied something more international, ‘Café del Mar‘ was the spot, serving dishes from around the globe. The freshness of the seafood, undoubtedly sourced from the nearby waters, stood out in every dish.

A standout feature was the spa, offering an array of treatments that revitalised both body and soul. The pool area, overlooking the sea, became my regular evening relaxation spot. The resort also boasts a fitness centre, ensuring guests can keep up with their training routines.

The staff exudes warmth. Their commitment to guest satisfaction was evident in every interaction. Guests on the property also praised the oceanic views and the attentive staff. Given its prime location, an array of facilities, and unique charm, Las Rocas Resort & Spa offers commendable value for money.

During my stay at the resort, I experienced a minor inconvenience: a few bugs appeared in my room and some on-site restaurants. It was a bit off-putting, to be honest.

Oceana Rosarito Inn

Source: Oceana Rosarito Inn

Positioned beautifully by the sea, the Oceana Rosarito Inn offers a prime beachfront location, helping you escape from the daily grind. There’s an immediate sense of modern elegance that Oceana Rosarito Inn offers. Inspired by coastal elements, the design pairs seamlessly with contemporary touches, making it both refreshing and relaxing.

My room was a haven of comfort. Spacious and bathed in natural light, it boasted a perfect balcony for evening reflections. The room has a minimalist design, which is complemented by plush furnishings.

The resort’s dining scene revolves around the ‘Oceana Bar and Grill’. This on-site restaurant caters to local and international palates, with seafood being the standout. Its chic atmosphere, paired with a diverse menu, ensured every meal was an event.

Oceana didn’t skimp on amenities. The infinity pool, with its uninterrupted views of the Pacific, was a favourite spot. There’s also a state-of-the-art fitness centre and a spa, ensuring that those morning workouts have a touch of luxury.

Every member of the staff I interacted with seemed genuinely invested in enhancing my stay. Their attention to detail, combined with their warm approach, truly elevated the experience. While my days at Oceana were filled with joy, I did peruse feedback from other travellers. Many resonated with my feelings about the hotel’s luxurious vibe and the staff’s dedication.

One small snag I encountered at the Oceana Rosarito Inn was a lime-clogged shower head, which slightly tempered the water stream’s strength. It was not a major concern, but it did catch my attention during my showers.

Las Olas Resort & Spa

Source: Las Olas Resort & Spa

Nestled along Rosarito’s scenic coastline, Las Olas Resort & Spa immediately struck me as an idyllic retreat. Walking into the resort, I was immediately captivated by the resort’s harmonious blend of luxury and nature. With a design inspired by the sea, the interiors were bathed in soft blues and whites.

My stay was made all the more memorable with the meticulously designed room. It boasted expansive views of the Pacific, which I soaked up every morning. With their plush bedding and modern amenities, the interiors ensured restful nights after days of exploration.

Gastronomy at Las Olas is an experience in itself. ‘Los Cristales’, the on-site restaurant, offers a delightful array of dishes celebrating the region’s rich culinary heritage. Seafood, unsurprisingly, is a standout. Each meal was a culinary journey, complemented by panoramic sea views, which made dining a multi-sensory delight.

The spa at Las Olas is, without a doubt, a highlight. Offering a range of treatments that draw from ancient traditions, it was a rejuvenating experience. The infinity pool, overlooking the vast expanse of the Pacific, became my daily haunt, while the fitness centre ensured I stuck to my exercise regime.

It’s the warmth of the staff at Las Olas that truly sets it apart. Each interaction, whether with the concierge assisting with day trips or the spa therapist recommending treatments, was marked by genuine care. Conversations with fellow guests and browsing online reviews revealed a consistent appreciation thread.

While enjoying my time at Las Olas Resort & Spa, a significant downside was the condition of the pools. They weren’t up to the mark, with visible dirt and debris that dampened the overall experience.

Los Pelicanos Hotel

Source: Los Pelicanos Hotel

My quest for a genuine Rosarito experience brought me to the doorstep of Los Pelicanos Hotel. Tucked away in a cosy part of Rosarito’s vibrant coastline, the location was nothing short of a dream. Entering Los Pelicanos, one is immediately greeted by an atmosphere of authenticity. The decor felt traditionally Mexican, with warm hues and handcrafted art pieces lending a rustic charm.

My room was a delightful surprise. It was spacious and furnished in a way that maintained the rustic theme of the hotel yet provided modern comforts. The balcony, offering an unobstructed view of the Pacific, was where I spent most of my early mornings and late evenings.

My taste buds were in for a treat at ‘El Nido’, the hotel’s on-site restaurant. They serve traditional Mexican and international dishes; every meal becomes a culinary adventure. The seafood, sourced locally, was the standout, bringing the flavours of the ocean straight to the plate.

While Los Pelicanos doesn’t boast the extensive amenities of some larger resorts, it offers a tranquil pool area and a rooftop terrace that provides panoramic views of the surroundings. These spaces were perfect for moments when I wanted to relax without venturing out.

What Los Pelicanos might lack in grandeur, it more than makes up for in heartfelt service. Always smiling and eager to assist, the staff showcased genuine hospitality that made my stay special. Engaging with fellow guests and glancing through online feedback, it was clear that many shared my sentiments.

During my stay at Los Pelicanos Hotel, one of the issues I encountered was the thinness of the room walls. It meant overhearing neighbouring conversations more often than I’d have liked.

Hotel Castillos del Mar

Source: Hotel Castillos del Mar

Finding a slice of coastal paradise led me to Hotel Castillos del Mar. The location alone was a compelling reason to pick this resort, right at the heart of Rosarito’s mesmerising shoreline. The resort’s castle-inspired architecture transported me back in time yet retained a modern sensibility.

My oceanfront room did not disappoint. Elegantly adorned with traditional Mexican artwork and decor, it was a cosy haven offering panoramic sea views.

Dining at ‘Sunio Restaurant‘, the on-site restaurant, was a gastronomic delight. Serving a rich tapestry of Mexican and international cuisine, every dish was a testament to the chef’s expertise. I particularly relished the seafood offerings, fresh from the ocean and bursting with flavour. The little beach bar was a bonus, where I indulged in some of the best margaritas I’ve ever had.

One of the standout features of Hotel Castillos del Mar is its impressive amenities. Apart from its two pristine pools, the hotel also boasts a private beach area, making it a haven for sunbathing and beachside relaxation. An added highlight was the spa, which offers many rejuvenating packages tailored to every preference. Whether it was a deep tissue massage or a detoxifying facial, the spa services were top-notch.

The Hotel Castillos del Mar staff truly know how to make guests feel at home. Their attentive nature and genuine warmth turned my stay into an experience filled with cherished memories. Interactions with fellow travellers and a dive into online reviews confirmed my feelings about the hotel.

During my stay at Hotel Castillos del Mar, I did notice a few maintenance quirks here and there, likely attributed to the property’s storied past and historical character. While they didn’t majorly disrupt my experience, future guests must know about it.

Del Mar Inn Rosarito

Source: Del Mar Inn Rosarito

Nestled in the lively core of Rosarito, Del Mar Inn’s location is its prime asset. Walking into Del Mar Inn felt like entering a serene sanctuary amidst the bustling town. The resort exudes a laid-back charm with its tropical gardens and quaint architecture. Its beach-themed decor and calming colour palette instantly set me into holiday mode.

My room was a delightful blend of comfort and aesthetics. Spacious, airy, and adorned with local artwork, it offered a picturesque view of the azure waters. The balcony became my favourite spot for morning coffee.

The on-site restaurant, ‘Habanero Restaurant‘, was a culinary revelation. Their menu boasts a selection of local and international dishes, but the fresh seafood truly stole the show. The shrimp tacos and ceviche became my daily cravings, each dish embodying the essence of the Baja coast.

Apart from the essential comforts, Del Mar Inn offers a delightful pool area, perfect for those lazy afternoons. There was also a compact fitness centre, ensuring my uninterrupted workout routine.

From the reception to housekeeping, the staff showcased genuine Mexican hospitality. Their attention to detail and eagerness to assist turned simple services into memorable experiences. Chatting with fellow guests and browsing online comments, it’s clear that Del Mar Inn holds a special place in many hearts. Most commendations highlighted the hotel’s prime location and warm service.

At Del Mar Inn Rosarito, one significant drawback I faced was the unpredictable water supply in the bathroom. There were instances when the water was abruptly shut off, causing considerable inconvenience during my stay.

City Express by Marriott

Source: City Express by Marriott

The hotel benefits from a prime position in Rosarito’s heart. Located strategically, it’s a short drive to the beach with easy access to nearby shopping and cultural attractions. The contemporary interiors and subtle lighting complement Rosarito’s traditional backdrop.

My room was a delightful haven of modern comfort. Decked out with plush furnishings, state-of-the-art amenities, and large windows offered panoramic city views.

To my surprise, City Express by Marriott Rosarito doesn’t have an on-site restaurant. However, they made up for it with their complimentary breakfast each morning. I genuinely looked forward to kickstarting my days with their spread of fresh pastries, regional dishes, and refreshing beverages.

The hotel offers various amenities tailored for business and leisure travellers. There are plenty of recreational options, from a well-equipped fitness centre to a refreshing rooftop pool. The business centre and meeting rooms were a boon for those, like myself, occasionally needing to work.

The Marriott brand is synonymous with exemplary service; this property was no exception. Every member of staff I encountered went above and beyond, ensuring that my stay was comfortable and truly memorable.

During my interactions with other guests, it became evident that City Express holds a favourable reputation. Many praised the hotel’s modern amenities and professional staff.

During my stay, I noticed the room was missing towels, which meant I had to request them from the reception. It was a slight inconvenience during an otherwise pleasant stay.

Rincon Tropical Resort

Source: Rincon Tropical Resort

Rincon Tropical Resort is located just a short distance from the stunning Rosarito coastline, and it offers a delightful mix of local charm and natural beauty. The resort features lush greenery, swaying palm trees that catch the sea breeze, and beautifully landscaped gardens.

My room was a delightful mix of rustic charm and modern comfort. Wooden accents and traditional Mexican artwork adorned the walls. While the room was spacious, it felt cosy, offering views of the sprawling gardens. You can also choose the ocean-view room, but it wasn’t available when I booked the resort.

The on-site restaurant, ‘La Palapa’, quickly became my go-to meal spot. It serves various local and international dishes, including freshly caught seafood that steals the show. Every meal felt like a culinary journey, complemented by the serene view of the sunset over the ocean.

From the pristine swimming pool overlooking the ocean to the fully-equipped fitness centre, Rincon Tropical Resort left no stone unturned in ensuring guests’ comfort. The spa facility was a personal favourite, with treatments incorporating local herbs and traditions, rejuvenating my body and soul.

The heart and soul of Rincon Tropical Resort are its dedicated staff. I was welcomed with warm smiles and authentic concern as soon as I arrived. It was heartwarming to note that many shared my sentiments during my interactions with fellow guests. Several mentioned their repeated visits to the resort, praising its tranquillity and the staff’s impeccable service.

During my drive to the resort, I couldn’t help but notice that the road leading to Rincon Tropical Resort was quite rough and rugged. It added to the secluded charm in a way, but travellers should be prepared for a bit of a bumpy ride.

Hotel Corona Plaza

Source: Hotel Corona Plaza

Positioned centrally in Rosarito, my time at Hotel Corona Plaza was pleasantly surprising, especially considering its prime location. A short stroll from the vibrant main street, this hotel offers easy access to quaint local shops, lively markets, and the beautiful Rosarito shoreline.

Even with its mixed reviews on Google, I found the hotel to be a commendable pick. The lobby, adorned with local art and crafts, immediately enveloped me in a warm, welcoming aura.

I opted for one of their Junior Queen suites and was not disappointed. Spacious, with a soft colour palette, the room provided a serene retreat after a day out in the sun.

While the hotel doesn’t have an expansive list of on-site restaurants, their main dining spot, ‘Azul Anil‘, was a gastronomic treat. Serving a mix of local Mexican dishes, I repeatedly gravitated towards their seafood options. The freshness of the catch, paired with local spices and cooking techniques, was a palate-pleaser. Breakfasts were hearty, and I particularly enjoyed their array of pastries.

Hotel Corona Plaza has a sizable outdoor pool, which became my evening relaxation spot. They also have a modest gym for those who, like me, don’t want to skip their workout routines. The hotel also provides function rooms, which I noticed were used for local events.

The staff at Hotel Corona Plaza added an extra layer of warmth to my stay. Ever-smiling and ready to assist, they made my stay comfortable. Whether it was requests for extra towels or local sightseeing recommendations, they were prompt and efficient.

While staying at Hotel Corona Plaza, I found the curtains, carpets, and furniture to be noticeably aged, giving a slightly dated feel to the rooms.


After exploring the breadth of Rosarito’s resorts, it’s evident that this Baja California gem caters to every type of traveller. Whether you’re searching for luxury pampering, a rugged coastal charm, or something in between, Rosarito has a slice of paradise waiting. Each spot has its charm and vibe. From my experiences, Rosarito ensures every traveller finds their perfect getaway.

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