The 10 Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Oregon

Sandra Thomas
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Oregon is home to over 4 million people and is known for its natural beauty. The state cares deeply about its environment, which is reflected in its resorts. Many of them work with sustainable methods and celebrate the local culture.

Exploring Oregon has been an incredible journey for me. This state in the Pacific Northwest of the USA is full of lush forests, beautiful coastlines and high mountains. It’s the perfect place to find holiday destinations that offer everything in one package.

I’ve made it my mission to visit some of these places in person. Whether on the peaceful Oregon coast or in the serene mountains of the Cascade Range, each visit gave me a better idea of what these places offer.

Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Oregon

All the resorts I’ve visited are in beautiful spots where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic, and each has its vibe that adds to the island’s charm.

In my reviews, I looked closely at several things: the location of the resorts, the atmosphere of each place, the food, what you can do there, how good the service is and what other guests think. I’ve mixed these facts with my views to give you a comprehensive picture.

I’ve tried to make it easy for you to understand what’s great about each resort and have combined hard facts with my take.

Source: The Retreat, Links & Spa at Silvies Valley Ranch

Tucked away in Oregon’s sprawling Silvies Valley, The Retreat is a great choice for anyone seeking an all-inclusive getaway. From the moment I stepped inside, I was mesmerised by the seamless blend of elegance and natural beauty. It’s a tranquil place where the outside world fades into the background amidst the breathtaking Oregon scenery.

The rooms here are beautifully decorated. My accommodation featured charming decor inspired by the local culture and landscape. It offers spacious interiors and all the modern conveniences one could desire. My stay was nothing short of luxurious, with plush bedding and panoramic windows bringing the outdoors in.

Dining experiences at The Retreat were a treat in themselves. The on-site restaurants, such as the “Rustic Barn” and “The Lodge,” pride themselves on a farm-to-table approach that celebrates the finest local ingredients. I was particularly impressed by the signature dish at the Rustic Barn – a succulent, herb-crusted lamb that perfectly showcased the richness of Oregon’s culinary offerings.

The array of amenities available is truly impressive as well. From a top-notch spa offering revitalising treatments to championship golf courses, there’s no shortage of ways to unwind or stay active. The resort’s commitment to eco-conscious practices adds an extra layer of satisfaction.

Service at The Retreat was attentive yet discreet, with staff anticipating every need and always ready with a smile. It’s evident that hospitality is central to their ethos, a sentiment echoed by fellow guests who have praised the resort for its exceptional service.

If there’s one downside, it’s the resort’s remoteness. While its secluded location adds to its allure, reaching the retreat does require a bit of a journey.

Black Butte Ranch

Source: Black Butte Ranch

Nestled in the stunning Cascade Mountains, the Black Butte Ranch offers a perfect mix of nature and authentic Oregonian charm. The vibe here is laid-back yet elegant, with beautiful scenery everywhere.

The rooms at Black Butte Ranch are designed to blend in with nature. My room was cosy and had nice earthy colours with comfortable furniture. It was spacious and well-equipped with modern amenities. But the highlight was undoubtedly the stunning views of the mountains.

Eating at Black Butte Ranch was a real treat. The Lakeside Bistro was my favourite spot, with great food and beautiful views. The standout was the cedar-planked salmon seasoned with local herbs, perfectly capturing the taste of Pacific Northwest cuisine.

The ranch boasts an array of amenities catering to all interests. Each activity is connected with Oregon’s natural beauty, from horseback riding through lush trails to golfing on pristine courses. The spa was a highlight, perfect for unwinding after a busy day outdoors.

The staff were fantastic, ensuring my stay was special with helpful tips and thoughtful touches. Everyone I spoke to agreed: Black Butte Ranch is a great place to stay.

But there were a couple of minor issues. The shower in my room was a bit small, which might bother some people. Plus, the WiFi was slow, which could be frustrating if you need to stay connected.

The Ocean Lodge

Source: The Ocean Lodge

The Ocean Lodge captures the true essence of the Oregon coast with its charming ambience. Its design honours classic coastal lodges, adding a touch of modern luxury. As I wandered through the lodge, I found warm and inviting spaces reflecting the natural beauty outside.

My room featured a snug fireplace and stunning views of the majestic Pacific Ocean. Every detail in the furnishings and amenities ensured a comfortable stay. Whether enjoying a serene sunrise or a calming sunset, the room provides the perfect coastal retreat.

While The Ocean Lodge doesn’t have a restaurant, it offers a complimentary breakfast, which is a great start to the day. The quality and variety exceeded expectations, with fresh local ingredients. For other meals, the room’s kitchenette was handy. There are also many restaurants nearby if you want to try something different.

The lodge provides various amenities to enhance the guest experience. Direct beach access is a highlight, perfect for relaxing walks or sunset views. There’s also a cosy library and movie selection for unwinding after exploring. Plus, curated activities showcase the best of the Oregon coast.

To share my experience with you, the staff at Ocean Lodge was friendly and helpful. I had a great time staying there, and so did other guests who liked the location and how the rooms had everything they needed.

The only downside was the noticeable noise around my room, particularly in the early morning and late at night.

Sunriver Resort

Source: Sunriver Resort

As I arrived at Sunriver Resort, I couldn’t help but admire the vast beauty and peaceful atmosphere surrounding the property. Nestled seamlessly into its natural surroundings, the resort offered a secluded and welcoming escape. Its design and architecture paid homage to the natural grace of the Pacific Northwest.

The room I stayed in at Sunriver Resort was lovely. It was big and had everything I needed to be comfortable. It was decorated with wooden accents and expansive windows to reflect Oregon’s natural beauty. The windows offered breathtaking views of the outdoors.

Dining at Sunriver Resort, with multiple on-site restaurants, was a delightful experience. I opted for The Grille at Crosswater, where the locally sourced Oregon trout stole the show with its perfect preparation. The restaurant’s ambience, combined with the delicious flavours of the meal, made for an unforgettable dining experience.

Sunriver Resort offers amenities and activities for all interests and age groups. Every day provides new adventures, from exploring pools and bicycles to taking yoga classes and horseback riding. The well-kept golf course and tennis courts offered both relaxation and competition. For water enthusiasts, canoeing and fishing on the Deschutes River provided the perfect blend of serenity and excitement. Meanwhile, the spa and sauna offered peaceful retreats for rejuvenation.

Service and hospitality at Sunriver Resort surpassed expectations. Every staff member I encountered was friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to ensuring my enjoyable stay. My experiences echoed those of other guests, with reviews often praising the resort’s ability to provide a perfect balance of relaxation and activity, catering to families and solo travellers alike.

The resort’s $150 pet cleaning fee is worth noting for those considering bringing pets. While Sunriver Resort’s pet-friendly approach is a great perk for pet owners, the additional charge should be considered when planning your stay.

Juniper Preserve

Source: Juniper Preserve

Juniper Preserve offers an expansive retreat spanning 640 acres of land, tucked away within a serene 1,000-year-old juniper forest. Its location provides a peaceful environment. The resort’s architecture and wellness programmes are all designed to blend with the natural surroundings.

The accommodations at Juniper Preserve are tailored for families. My room was spacious and elegantly furnished, offering all the comforts of a relaxing stay. The countryside views from my room added to the tranquillity and created a welcoming atmosphere where relaxation was inevitable.

When it comes to dining, Juniper Preserve offers an exciting culinary experience with its various on-site restaurants. I particularly enjoyed the Trailhead Grill, where the locally sourced steak stole the show. The complimentary breakfast was a delightful start to each day, featuring gourmet options to suit all tastes.

The resort has an impressive range of amenities catering to diverse interests. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy the challenging golf course set amidst breathtaking scenery, while the heated pools and spa treatments provide a relaxing retreat for wellness seekers. Families can take advantage of the children’s playground and other recreational facilities, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Service at Juniper Preserve was exceptional, with staff going above and beyond to ensure satisfaction throughout my stay. Their friendly and attentive approach, coupled with their professionalism, made my experience truly memorable.

Despite its many attractions, one downside of Juniper Preserve is its remote location, approximately 40 minutes from the city. While the seclusion adds to its charm, you should be prepared to plan your trips to the city.

Surfsand Resort

Source: Surfsand Resort

As I stepped into Surfsand Resort, I was greeted by a captivating view of the Pacific Ocean and Haystack Rock. The atmosphere here is of laid-back elegance, with the sound of the tides and the fresh sea breeze creating a relaxing vibe.

My room at Surfsand Resort was a cosy retreat, blending comfort with style. The floor-to-ceiling windows provided uninterrupted views of the ocean. It turned my room into a picture-perfect snapshot of the Oregon coast. The coastal-inspired decor mirrored the sandy beaches and azure waters that were just a stone’s throw away.

The on-site restaurant, The Wayfarer, is a culinary gem showcasing the best of the Pacific Northwest. Their signature dish elevated my dining experience – a locally sourced Dungeness crab cake that was simply divine. The commitment to using fresh, seasonal ingredients was evident in every mouthful.

Surfsand Resort offers a range of amenities to enhance the guest experience. From the indoor swimming pool and spa for relaxation to the fitness centre for those wanting to stay active, there’s something for everyone. But the real highlight is the direct beach access, inviting guests to soak up the sun and surf. Evening bonfires, complete with marshmallow roasting, add a touch of magic to the coastal experience.

The local understanding and commitment of the staff made my stay unforgettable. And it seems I’m not alone in my praise – other guests also rave about the resort’s unbeatable location and exceptional service.

The only hiccup during my stay was finding a parking spot. With Surfsand Resort’s popularity, especially during peak times, parking can be challenging.

Salishan Coastal Lodge By SCP Hotels

Source: Salishan Coastal Lodge By SCP Hotels

As I entered Salishan Coastal Lodge, I immediately felt a blend of rustic charm and modern elegance surrounding me. The lodge’s design, with its natural wood and stone elements and large windows, showcases the stunning surroundings. My room boasted breathtaking views of the rugged coastline and dense forests. The decor beautifully echoed the natural environment outside with its earthy tones and textures.

Dining at Salishan Coastal Lodge was a treat. The Attic, the on-site restaurant, quickly became my favourite spot. I was particularly impressed by their locally sourced salmon dish, expertly prepared to highlight the freshness of the Pacific Northwest. Their commitment to sustainability and local sourcing was evident in every mouthful.

The lodge offers a range of amenities focusing on wellness and outdoor activities. I especially enjoyed using the complimentary bicycles to explore the area. The well-kept golf course provided an enjoyable experience amidst stunning scenery.

Service at Salishan Coastal Lodge was outstanding. The staff’s warmth and attention to detail made me feel valued throughout my stay. Their dedication to the lodge’s values of sustainability and wellness added to the overall experience.

The only downside was the condition of the yoga studio, which I found colder and less clean than expected. However, the yoga instructor’s professionalism and expertise made up for it, delivering a rejuvenating session.

Hallmark Resort Cannon Beach

Source: Hallmark Resort Cannon Beach

Upon stepping into Hallmark Resort, I immediately felt a sense of calmness that matched the tranquillity of Cannon Beach. The resort’s design perfectly suits its coastal surroundings, blending natural elements with comfort.

My room at Hallmark Resort was cosy, with a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. Adding a kitchenette and microwave was incredibly handy, allowing me to whip up meals and snacks whenever I liked. Decorated in calming tones and furnished with comfortable furniture, the room epitomised the resort’s dedication to guest comfort.

Although Hallmark Resort doesn’t have a restaurant, having a kitchenette in the room means endless dining options. Cannon Beach offers a plethora of dining spots within walking distance, where I savoured delicious local seafood bursting with freshness.

The resort offers various amenities catering to multiple interests and needs. Free internet access kept me connected, the spa kept me refreshed, and the hiking option allowed me to explore the area’s natural beauty. The pet-friendly policy made it feel even more like home, and the pool provided a refreshing break. And the direct access to the beach meant that the ocean was just a few steps away.

My positive experiences at Hallmark Resort echo those of other guests. They often praised its superb location, excellent service, and cosy accommodations. Many reviews highlight its family-friendly vibe and the diverse amenities that cater to guests of all ages.

The only downside of my stay was the lack of air conditioning in the room. While the ocean breeze usually kept things cool, there were times when the absence of air conditioning was noticeable.

Overleaf Lodge & Spa

Source: Overleaf Lodge & Spa

The atmosphere at Overleaf Lodge & Spa immediately drew me in, blending the natural beauty of the Oregon coast with a peaceful, inviting vibe. Wood, stone, and glass in the lodge’s design added charm. The soothing sound of crashing waves and the stunning ocean views created a serene environment.

My room at Overleaf Lodge & Spa was comfortable, featuring a kitchenette, microwave, and refrigerator. These amenities made it easy to prepare simple meals and store snacks, adding to the convenience of my stay. The room’s cosy decoration added a touch of luxury while maintaining a homely feel.

While Overleaf Lodge & Spa doesn’t have a full-service restaurant, the complimentary breakfast was a pleasant start to each day. With a variety of options made from fresh, local ingredients, it provided a satisfying meal. The kitchenette in the room also gave me the flexibility to dine privately or explore nearby dining options.

The resort offers multiple amenities for relaxation and activity. The spa, in particular, offered a wellness retreat with rejuvenating treatments. Other facilities, such as the gym, steam room, and meeting rooms, catered to various needs. Additionally, the accessibility to multiple hiking trails directly from the lodge allowed me to explore the natural beauty.

My experience at Overleaf Lodge & Spa aligns with those of other guests, who often praise the fantastic location, excellent service and quality accommodation and amenities. Many reviews highlight the breathtaking views and relaxing spa experience.

The main drawback of my stay was the limited availability of the hot tub, which was only accessible during the spa’s operational hours.

Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa

Source: Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa

During my stay at Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa, I was captivated by its prime location, which offers direct access to the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and Cape Kiwanda. With its 33 rooms, this luxury boutique hotel exudes sophisticated charm.

My room was comfortable and spacious, providing an oceanfront balcony to bask in the magnificent views. The gas fireplace added a cosy warmth to the evenings, and Frette bedding and robes enveloped me in luxury. The room’s design seamlessly blended modern luxury with elements of local charm.

Meridian, the on-site restaurant, was a culinary highlight of my stay. The standout dish, a locally sourced Dungeness crab benedict, perfectly encapsulated the region’s rich cuisine. The restaurant’s inviting ambience and focus on showcasing local ingredients through innovative dishes made each meal a memorable experience.

The resort’s amenities cater to a variety of interests and preferences. Yoga classes and a well-equipped spa offer opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation. On the other hand, boat trips and fishing excursions appealed to my sense of adventure. Each activity was carefully planned to create a deeper connection with the surrounding nature.

My positive impressions of the Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa are also reflected in the reviews from other guests. They often praised the resort for its stunning location, exceptional service and luxurious accommodations.

One minor inconvenience I encountered was the inability to check in early. While this was understandable, given the resort’s boutique nature, it’s worth considering when planning your visit.


My trip to Oregon took me across some of the state’s most beautiful and unique spots. Each resort I visited showed off some of Oregon’s beauty, from quiet woods to dramatic seashores, all while ensuring I was comfortable and had plenty to do. The food was a highlight, with each meal showcasing the best local ingredients.

Oregon has it all, whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway among ancient forests, an exciting adventure along rugged coastlines, or a luxury place. We recommend you try one of our suggested resorts the next time you visit Oregon.

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